Body Contouring – Weight Loss Treatment in Hyderabad at Oliva Clinic

Obesity is growing in an epidemic proportion in India as well as globally. Everyone desires to have a fabulous and well-shaped body. But the prevalence of obesity in recent times has made that desire seem farfetched. Not only can obesity bring down a person’s confidence, it can also cause serious health issues like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer. So, if you live in Hyderabad and are planning to get fit and slim, then this article is meant for you, with the rise of demand there is a rise in new weight loss treatments, clinics/centres in Hyderabad that will help you in achieving your desired perfectly shaped body.

Not all weight gain and excess weight can be conquered with exercise and diet therapy.

Weight Loss Treatments at Oliva Clinic

Oliva have a program called non-invasive body contouring which is aimed at achieving fat loss and inch loss in a sustainable manner.

It helps you to achieve your ideal body shape and size while normalizing your body composition in a holistic manner.

It helps you to achieve your ideal body shape and size while normalizing your body composition in a holistic manner.

The number of sessions and the necessary lifestyle modifications would be suggested by our counsellor after understanding your requirements and understanding your body composition analysis which is complimentary for the Oliva’s existing clients.

Food Optimising Eating Plan                             

At Oliva we follow a ‘Food Optimizing’ eating plan, take moderate activity through its ‘Body Magic’ programme, and have support through shared experience with other slimmer’s to encourage behaviour change, making your life style healthy.

Oliva’s eating plan is based on the science of satiety (the satisfying qualities of food) and energy density.

Foods that satisfy the appetite and are low in energy density, such as fruit and vegetables, pasta, soy, fish and lean meat, are called ‘Free Foods’ and can be eaten without weighing, counting or measuring.

Foods which are often banned on other weight-loss plans, are allowed within Food Optimizing.

Dietician and Physiotherapist Sessions

During the dietician and physiotherapist meet session, members share their experiences of the preceding week, discuss their weight losses or gains, and share ideas and strategies for the week ahead. Members share practical advice such as recipe suggestions, as well as strategies to cope with times when motivation is low. At Oliva, members are weighed at every session and their weight change gain or loss is taken into action immediately. A member’s actual weight is confidential, and is not revealed to the others.

Body Magic Programme

Oliva encourages members to introduce physical activity into their daily lives through its Body contouring programme.

The emphasis is on introducing activity gently at first, such as getting off the bus a stop early a couple of times a week, or walking up two flights of steps instead of taking the lift occasionally, then on finding forms of activity which can be integrated into everyday life. Making the lifestyle healthy, by not just losing but also retaining and maintaining the weight lost.


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