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    This is a purified protein material used for medical purposes from more than five decades ago. Wrinkles are formed due to continuous muscle contractions during facial expressions over long period of time. Botox works by blocking the overactive nerve impulses which result in extreme muscle contractions thus reducing the wrinkles.

    Based on the requirement, a desired amount of Botox is injected into the muscle responsible for creating the wrinkle. Once Botox is injected, the muscle relaxes and the wrinkle softens while the surrounding muscles which are untreated contract in the normal fashion.


      Botox treatment is a commonly used treatment for signs of ageing which include fine lines and wrinkles. Botox treatment at Oliva Clinics is unique because:

    • Every cosmetic dermatologist at Oliva
      Clinics has years of expertise in
      administration of Botox treatment
    • Botox treatment for anti ageing is
      USFDA approved for its efficacy and
      safety. Our experienced doctors
      strive to maintain a “natural look”
      and use advanced techniques to avoid any
      frozen look.
    • Every Botox treatment at Oliva
      Clinics is customized. Firstly a
      comprehensive consultation with
      one of our medical practitioners is done. During
      the consultation skin condition and
      medical history is taken and the respective
      treatment chart is prepared.
    • Every centre of Oliva Clinics
      is relaxing and has state-of-the-art
    • Your treatment is confidential with
      Oliva Clinics. To establish the same, we
      assign personal consultation
      and service room to every client.
    • BOTOX treatment at Oliva Clinics takes
      maximum an hour and the doctors at
      Oliva Clinics do it with accurate
    • At Oliva Clinics, we have performed
      more than 1000 of BOTOX treatments in
      last year. We take pride to announce
      that 91% of our clients are extremely
      happy and highly satisfied with
      our service.

  • FAQs
  • FAQs

    What Happens At Oliva?

    After going through the mandatory medical history and examination, our dermatologists deduce whether you are required to go for the Botox treatment and how many units of botox is required for the desired result. The process begins by applying a topical anaesthetic (numbing cream) so that no discomfort is experienced and Botox is injected into the muscles in the target area. It usually takes 30-45 minutes depending on the areas to be treated.

    Any post Procedure process involved?

    Once the injections are given, you need to stay upright or semi-upright for about 5-10 minutes and need to avoid lying down for the next 2 to 4 hours. The effect of the Botox treatment will be visible in a span of 3-10 days. Continue with active facial expressions for few hours which ensures better absorption of botox and optimal response. Avoid any massages on the face for a day post procedure.

    What are the Benefits?

    Botox Treatment ensures that the frown lines, crow’s feet, horizontal forehead lines also known as wisdom lines are reduced.

    • Mild headache
    • Brow flattening
    • Inability to move the eyelid
    • Lazy eye
    • Swelling, bruise etc

    • Please note that all these side effects are temporary.
    How safe is it?

    The Botox treatment is largely safe and any side effect caused is temporary and restricted to the injected area only.There are very minor risks with this procedure and you might experience some headache, a mild pain, some swelling or bruising in the injected area. With better understanding, magnificent results with minimal side effects are possible by Dermatologists at Oliva.

    Does it give an artificial look?

    No. When it is performed rightly by experts as it is done at Oliva, it gives the perfect youthful and rejuvenated look.

    What is the recovery time for Botox?

    Absolutely none! You can get back to your daily routine right after the treatment. But make sure you do not lie down for the next 2-4 hours after treatment and stay away from a facial massage for 24 hours after treatment.

    What is the correct time frame to get desired result?

    The initial results would be seen within 3-10 days post treatment and this effect remains for at least 4-6 months. This should be supplemented with maintenance or top-up sessions and after few rounds, the effect will last longer.