• Laser Hair Removal in Bangalore
  • Laser Hair Removal in Bangalore

    In a highly competitive world, the key to self-confidence and success lies in looking and feeling beautiful. Appearance and appeal are the two components that make a difference. A common problem experienced by most of us is visible and unwanted hair at unintended places.

    For women, facial hair spells disaster and even men are no exception as they end up with hair on ear lobes. So, before impressions fail, a right solution is imperative, offered by Oliva Clinics, Bangalore.

    Introducing Soprano Ice – World’s best and The most advanced technology for Laser hair removal at Oliva Clinics, Bangalore

    Many hair removal methods have been in use in the recent times, but, none show lasting and promising results to get hair free body in a painless manner.

    Oliva Clinics in Bangalore have launched world’s best, fastest 'Soprano Ice' Laser Hair Removal Technology. It is the latest, most advanced, painless and a complete solution to hair removal for all the skin and hair types including the fine hair.

  • What is Soprano Ice?
  • What is Soprano Ice?

    It is the most advanced, complete, painless and effective hair removal solutions in the recent times. Multiple laser wavelengths and technologies are incorporated to treat all individuals with different hair (thick / coarse, medium, thin) and skin types (white, pale white, brown, dark brown, black).

  • Benefits of Soprano Ice
  • Benefits of Soprano Ice

    • Can Treat widest range of hair and skin colors and types
    • Fastest and most effective hair removal technique
    • Virtually painless procedure
    • Proven safety records
    • Full coverage rate
    • No downtime
    Maximize your hair removal with latest ‘Soprano Ice’ technology along with the best offers at Oliva Clinics, Bangalore.

  • Benefits of Laser Hair Removal
  • Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

    • Best removal of hair is achievable.
    • Painless with long lasting results.
    • Procedure is swift and even a large
      area can be covered in a very short
      span saving a lot of your time.
    • Effective and advantageous than
      depilatories, electrolysis
    • Precise and targets only the
      problem area, ensuring the surrounding
      skin is not damaged
    • Reaches any part of the body such
      as arms & underarms, legs & bikini
      line, back & shoulders, chest & abdomen
    • No infection or scars

  • Why Oliva?
  • Why Oliva?

    We at Oliva maintain the trust reposed by our esteemed clients.

    Our treatment process is painless, offering a pleasing experience whenever you visit us for effective Laser Hair Removal in Bangalore.

  • Attributes of Oliva
  • Attributes of Oliva

    State-of-the-art equipment imported from USA & Israel
    Protocol is of the highest standard that offers best service and comfort to you
    Our technology attends to every millimeter of the target area thereby even treating hair which is finer.
    Deliver the most painless treatment
    Experienced cosmetic dermatologists with a vast understanding, providing optimum solutions to all your hair related problems.

  • FAQs
  • FAQs

    How does Laser Hair Removal work?

    When the laser beam is concentrated on the hair follicle, the pigment absorbs the light and gets vaporized at the right time destroying the stem cells forming the hair. This takes place without damaging the structure or pores of the skin.

    Is Laser hair removal better than Electrolysis?

    Laser Hair Removal has many benefits when compared with the traditional method of Electrolysis. It is quick and painless, while the chances of hair reduction are high. In Electrolysis, the process is time consuming, it causes pain and discomfort and, there is a risk of picking up infections or getting scars.

    Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

    No. Laser Hair Removal is a painless process with far better output than other procedures.

    How many sessions do I need?

    Normally, all areas of the body require six to eight sessions on an average. However, the number of sessions can vary in different types of skin and hair depending on number of hair follicles at the target site, ethnic background, hormonal balance and other factors.

    What are the benefits of LHR in the long term?

    Laser Hair Removal is a scientifically proven technique that helps to prevent hair growth in the most effective manner. It saves a lot of time, energy and above all the costs, compared to other conventional processes.

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