Benefits of PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

Is hair loss in your mind even now? Very soon it will be out of your mind with Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP Hair Loss Treatment Therapy has many benefits; few of them are listed below.

  • The first benefit is that the platelet rich plasma is developed from the client’s own blood. This eliminates the risks associated like allergies, hypersensitivity, and other adverse reactions with other hair loss treatment techniques. The clients also have an assurance that completely natural products are being used for hair growth rather than chemicals.

  • The second point that makes PRP stands out is the effectiveness of the treatment. The treatment procedure is usually done in 6 to 8 sessions but results can be visible after initial 1 to 2 sessions only. PRP stimulates the stem cells in hair follicles promoting hair growth and thickening. However, PRP works best for clients with Androgenetic or hereditary alopecia (patterned hair loss). This condition causes the hair follicles to thin and eventually hair stops growing and falls off.

  • The next factor that makes PRP hair loss treatment popular is that there is no involvement of any cuts or surgeries; hence eliminating the chance of scars.

  • PRP treatment is beneficial for both men and women. It reduces the miniaturization or the shrinking of hair follicles. The benefits are seen gradually over time, thus making it look natural and aesthetic and no one can make out that you’ve undergone a procedure as there are no cuts, bandages or scars.

  • The procedure of PRP is completed maximum in an hour starting with initial consultation and ending with a 15 to 20 minutes rest at the end.

  • PRP hair loss treatment is the only non-surgical method with both proven safety and efficacy. The amazing fact is that there is absolutely no recovery period; client can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.