Acne Scar – Pimple Marks Treatment Chennai – Oliva Clinics

Acne Scar – Pimple Marks Treatment Chennai – Oliva Clinics

Seize those pimples now! Be sure of acne-scar free skin forever!

Pimples appear at least once in everyone’s lifetime, excess sebum production gives raise to pimples and zits. Hormonal imbalances and pollution can cause excess oil secretion and pimple prone skin. Untreated pimples and zits develop into acne–scar, and gradually leave permanent marks on skin.Acne Scar Treatment in ChennaiCall 1800-103-3893 or SMS OLIVA CHN to 56677 to Avail inaugural Offers on Pixel Acne Scar Treatment at Oliva Clinics,Chennai

Which Types of Acne-Scars are Treated in Oliva Clinics, Chennai?

The acne-scar can be categorized mainly into four types based on their appearance, shape and size

  • Boxcar Scars are depressed scars appearing mainly on face, cheeks and temple.
  • Rolling Scars may appear as deep undulations on entire cheek and face area.
  • Ice Picks are deep and narrow scars extending in lower skin layer.
  • Hypertrophic Scars are mainly deposits of excess collagen that appear as raised scars due to pimple, body cuts, and piercing.

What are the Different types of Acne-Scar Treatments in Chennai at Oliva Clinics?

Oliva Clinics in Chennai provide a wide range of Acne-Scar Treatments that are customized according to an individual’s skin type and scar type. Best and most sophisticated treatments offered are as follows:

  • Skin Peels – These are acne control peels made of salicylic acid for pigmentation and flat scars.
  • Subcision – In this procedure, sterile needles are used to decrease the depth of the scars. A topical anesthesia is applied during the entire procedure for a comfortable experience.
  • Pixel Laser Resurfacing – It is an advanced ND-YAG laser treatment conducted under expert supervision of Cosmetic Dermatologist, and is an hour’s procedure.
  • Dermal Fillers –Depressed acne-scars are filled with US-FDA approved natural collagen based fillers.
  • Excision – US-FDA approved equipments used to punch and eradicate the acne-scar.
  • Intraregional Injections – these injections flatten the hypertrophic and raised scars.

Oliva Clinics is Ranked as Leading Dermatology Clinic in Hyderabad & Bangalore (TOI Survey 2016)

Oliva is proud to be Ranked No.1 in TOI Ranking Survey for Dermatology and Trichology Clinics in Hyderabad and Ranked No.2 for Dermatology Clinics in Bangalore. It is a milestone for Oliva Clinics Bangalore and its team, as it was announced Rank #2 in Bangalore for 2016 within only 2 years of operation in the city.Why Oliva Clinics, Chennai?

WHY OLIVARemove Acne Scars – Restore your Skin to its Natural Beauty. Call 1800-103-3893 or SMS OLIVA CHN to 56677 to Avail Special Inaugural Offers on Pixel Acne Scar Treatment at Oliva Clinics, Chennai

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Acne Scar – Pimple Marks Treatment Chennai – Oliva Clinics