Dispelling The Myths & Facts About Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Jayanagar

Unwanted Hair Removal Treatment

Hair at unwanted places is a critical and very embarrassing concern for both males and females. One spends a considerable amount of money, time and patience to get rid of the unwanted and undesired hair. Shaving, threading, waxing, hair removal creams have been there for quite a long time but they cause pain, call for regular sessions and a substantial amount of expenditure over a period of time. The laser has come as a boon for people looking for Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Jayanagar.

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Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Jayanagar, Bangalore

The full body laser hair removal procedure and its benefits have a huge presence on the internet but it can be difficult to decipher between the myths and the facts. Read on to find out what full body laser hair removal in Jayanagar actually is about and get the information you need to know before going to the procedure.

The Myths & Facts about Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Jayanagar, Bangalore

Myth: Laser hair removal is not safe & exposes you to radiation

Fact: The advanced full body laser hair removal in Jayanagar is absolutely safe with the use of world’s most advanced US-FDA approved laser equipment. As long as your skin clinic is using a laser that is certified safe by US-FDA, you have nothing to worry about. The laser beam in the treatment emits no such radiation which can be harmful to the recipient of the procedure.

Myth: Laser hair removal would stimulate more hair to grow.

Fact: This is afabricated myth because if this was true, we could have got the much in demand miracle cure for baldness. In fact, laser hair removal targets the root of the hair follicles thus destroying them forever and giving you a smooth silky skin thereafter.

Myth: Get smooth skin with full body laser hair removal in only one session.

Fact: If your skin clinic claims to do so, stay away because removing hair in one session of laser hair removal treatment is impossible. Hair grows in cycles and since laser targets only Anagen phase hair, few hair will be left back post treatment. However with 6 to 8 sessions of full body laser hair removal in Jayanagar, one can achieve long-lasting smoothness and hair free skin.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment at Oliva Clinics

Why Oliva Clinics for Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Jayanagar, Bangalore

  • Experienced in-house team of Cosmetic Dermatologists
  • Comprehensive one-to-one consultation with the doctor
  • World class state-of-the-art facilities
  • Advanced US-FDA approved equipment
  • Well trained and certified therapists
  • Stringent guidelines and set protocols for better service efficacy
  • Painless, fast and forever treatment to unwanted hair
  • Customized treatments according to individual’s requirement
  • Served over 1,00,000 clients over 91% satisfaction rating

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