Permanent Laser Chin Hair Removal - Treatments And Cost

How To Remove Chin Hair Permanently With Laser Treatment?

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Female chin hair is not just unsightly and displeasing but also a dreadful problem that is extremely annoying, for it can deteriorate your beauty and self-image. And a popular myth is, it might take a lot of effort to get rid of unwanted hair on chin. But there are some permanent methods for chin hair removal which are extremely effective and safe. Before the treatments the dermatologist would diagnose the cause of unwanted hair growth and then determine a holistic treatment plan including medical and aesthetic procedures.

What Causes Chin Hair?

The root cause underlying unwanted chin hair must be examined and treated along with the permanent procedures for aesthetically removing them from chin. Some of the common reasons for unwanted hair growth on chin are –

• Hormonal imbalance is the major reason for female chin hair. When the amount of androgen produced is higher than the ideal level, it induces male characteristics in the body (like facial hair)
• PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) can also cause unwanted hair on chin. It triggers an imbalance in hormones and results in the growth of facial hair
• Another reason for female chin hair could be Cushing’s syndrome. It happens when the amount of cortisol hormone in our body crosses the saturation point
• The side effects of some medicines (mostly related to asthma and arthritis) can trigger hair growth on chin as well
• A genetic or medical condition (like Adrenal Hyperplasia) can also develop unwanted hair on chin.

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How To Remove Chin Hair Permanently?

Chin hair can be removed permanently by laser hair removal procedure. Since unwanted chin hair can be displeasing and hamper not just your beauty but also your self-image, you ought to look out for effective, long term and safe procedures.

Laser Treatment For Permanent Chin Hair Removal

The most advanced and popular of all treatments for unwanted chin hair is laser hair removal. Being a safe and quick procedure it has changed the way you look.

In laser chin hair removal, concentrated light rays are used to target hair follicles. When the light rays of high density fall into hair follicles, it destroys the hair from its root rendering it ineffective for any hair growth further. Only the basal stem cells of the follicles are destroyed without causing an evident harm to the nearby skin or pores. This is because the laser can selectively target the dark pigmentation of the hair. This principal called selective photothermolysis is used by laser devices.

Since the follicles are destroyed, it takes time for the new hair to come. They are also thinner with lesser melanin post each session. After concurrent sessions, you can achieve permanent chin hair removal. The technique is USFDA approved and does not cause any evident harm to our body. It is a non-invasive approach and would demand a handful of sessions to attain permanent results.

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Other Tips To Remove Chin Hair

Temporary chin hair removal may appear as an easy process, but it actually causes a lot of discomfort. With the maximum effect being a few days to weeks, it can be too tiring to proceed with these procedures over and over. Some of these traditional and temporary chin hair removal methods include –

1- Shaving – You can use a specially designed razor (like tinkle razor) to shave the unwanted hair on chin. It will only cut the hair strands instead of removing hair from the roots
2- Threading – In this, a thread is used to remove the unwanted hair growth on chin. Though, learning how to remove chin hair through threading on your own can be a tedious task, so salon may be sought for the same
3- Depilatory creams or hair removal creams – These are readily available hair removal creams that you can apply on your chin to remove unwanted hair. By getting your skin exposed to harsh chemicals, you might harm it in the long run
4- Tweezing – If you have restricted hair growth on chin, only then you can use tweezers to pluck those hair strands. Though, you would only be able to pluck thick and visible hair
5- Waxing – Waxing would only work if your hair strands are long enough (around 0.25 inches). It also does not work on ingrown hair.
6- Other methods – Sugaring could be a better alternative to waxing. You can also use epilators instead of tweezers to remove unwanted hair on chin. Electrolysis is another popular technique that can get rid of hair growth on chin without any hassle

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How Much Does Chin Hair Removal Cost?

On an average Chin hair removal cost ranges between Rs.3000 to Rs.5000  per session, but it varies. An individual would need a few sessions to get permanent chin hair removal. The overall cost for laser hair removal for chin would vary from one individual to another. As the strength and thickness of hair play a major role along with underlying root cause of hair growth. These variables would determine the number of sessions needed for reaching the desired efficacy. Thus the total cost of laser hair removal for your chin can be ascertained then.

Which Is The Best Method To Remove Chin Hair?

Out of all the female chin hair removal methods, laser hair removal is the most recommended approach. This is because it provides a permanent solution to unwanted hair on chin. Techniques like shaving, waxing, threading, etc. would require a regular effort and are extremely painful. Also, laser hair removal for chin is a non-invasive approach, which provides better results. Unlike chemical products in hair removal creams, it won’t harm your skin. Therefore, you won’t face any unwanted side effects as well.

There are some very advanced and effective ways to remove unwanted chin hair permanently. Laser hair removal is one of the most popular procedure for the same. It will help you get rid of unwanted hair from chin permanently without any side effects.

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