Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal - How It Works, Benefits And Cost

How To Remove Bikini Line Hair With Laser Treatment?

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Maintaining a hair-free skin in the bikini area requires quite a lot of work for any woman. However, for aesthetic and personal hygiene reasons the practice of removing bikini hair is gaining popularity. While there are several methods available, laser hair removal is the most popular and effective method to achieve smooth and hair-free skin in the bikini area.

Do We Need Hair On Skin Around Bikini Area?

Bikini line is the area that lies outside of the panty line, up to three inches in an outward manner. Hair growth around the bikini area starts during puberty. Hair in this region is a part of the pubic hair. These generally act as protectors and keep our genitals free from any unwanted bacteria entering our body. Also, they act as the barrier between sensitive skin in that area and friction-causing activities. According to another theory, the hair that is plentiful in such areas create pheromones which are produced from our apocrine sweat glands and play a part in reproduction.

What Causes Unwanted Hair Growth In Pubic Region?

There are many reasons behind hair growth around bikini area which is actually part of the pubic hair. A normal amount of hair on bikini line is fine but the problem occurs when one experiences overwhelming unwanted hair growth. This condition, called Hirsutism, is due to many reasons such as an imbalance in hormones, certain medications or due to genetic factors.

Why Should You Consider Bikini Hair Removal?

It is extremely important for most women to get rid of unwanted hair on the bikini area. For most women, the primary reason is personal hygiene. There is no better feeling than experiencing the ultimate smoothness in the bikini area. One feels fresh and clean all day long. Aside from being fresh, there are other advantages for permanent hair removal in the bikini area. You can wear any swimsuit with more confidence without worrying about bikini hair. Also, you can rock any lingerie style with ease.

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How To Remove Bikini Hair?

Temporary Solution – Some of the simple yet easy to follow methods are waxing, shaving, hair removal creams, trimming and epilation. However, as discussed these methods removes the excessive hair superficially which means after some days hair grows back. Some major drawbacks of temporary bikini line hair removal methods are:

  1. Common side effects are acne, razor burns, ingrown hair, redness, rashes, chemical burn etc.
  2. Most of these methods are painful and reduces the quality of skin

Permanent SolutionLaser hair removal is the best method to remove excessive hair growth from bikini line. The results of the procedure, however, are different for every individual and depend largely on one’s skin type and color as well. This procedure involves US FDA approved laser equipment for superior results in less time and most importantly to ensure a safe and painless session.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment For Bikini Area

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work For Bikini Line?

Laser hair removal is performed by trained dermatologists. In this procedure, the skin is exposed to laser beams that destroy hair follicles and prevent further growth from the roots. It is a completely safe and widely recognized method for permanent hair removal for the bikini area. The procedure involves a series of sessions to give hair-free and smooth skin.
Benefits –
1. No downtime of treatment
2. Quick and effective results
3. Painless procedure

Is Bikini Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Laser hair removal is a completely safe procedure for the bikini line area. There will be no side effects except for the minimal discomfort in occasional cases. One might experience minor side effects such as redness, swelling or itching but it will subside within 24 hours.

How Many Laser Sessions Are Required For Bikini Hair Removal?

Typically, about six to eight sessions are required to get rid of bikini line hair. The number of sessions varies with the growth of hair on each individual, skin type and color.

Who Is A Right Candidate?

Laser hair removal treatment is effective for all Indian skin types. So any woman with excessive hair growth in the bikini area is an ideal candidate for this procedure. However, a thorough evaluation is done by the dermatologist to ensure the suitability of this procedure.

What Is The Treatment Duration?

The average treatment time is quick though a candidate must be ready to spend minimum of 45 minutes to an hour at a laser center.

How Much Does Laser Bikini Hair Removal Cost In India?

The cost of bikini laser hair removal in India can range between Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000 per session. For best results, 6-8 sessions of the procedure are administered. The price of a package depends on the customization also. Apart from that, the overall cost of the procedure depends on the type of laser technology used, standard of the treatment and type of clinic along with subjective factors like thickness of hair, the volume of hair, skin type, underlying health conditions, etc. Since results differ from individual to individual, the cost of the treatment also depends on the number of sessions required. Skin color is another important factor in determining the cost of bikini laser hair removal as people with fair skin tones tend to require lesser sessions as compared to those with the darker skin tone.

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Pre-Care & Post-Care Instructions Of Bikini Laser Hair Removal

The bikini laser hair removal using laser requires the patient to prepare in advance for the procedure. These pre-care instructions, as well as the post-care instructions, are generally provided by the dermatologist. For optimal results during bikini laser hair removal, one needs to follow certain recommendations –

  1. It is important not to shave or wax bikini line hair at least two weeks prior to the treatment as it may decrease the effectiveness of the treatment.
  2. After the laser session, avoid using any lotions, powders, cosmetics, perfumes or depilatory creams in that area.

Brazilian Vs. Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal in the bikini area leads to one big question: Brazilian vs bikini hair removal? Let us explain to you in detail to help you figure out which option is best for you. Also, you can further research more about this to understand better about the procedure.

The Brazilian hair removal treatment aids in the removal of almost all pubic hair from the pubic region, leaving no hair whatsoever. The bikini hair removal typically removes the hair lying outside of the panty line area. It covers up about three inches beyond this line to ensure a flawless look in a panty or bikini. Either of the options can be customized as per your preferences.

Side Effects Of Non-Laser Bikini Hair Removal

There are a number of side-effects of non-laser bikini hair removal methods. Here are a few shortcomings of using waxing, shaving, epilation or depilatory creams on the bikini area –

  1. Razor burns – Razor burns can be a cause for concern that develop as a result of shaving the bikini area.
  2. Redness or itching – Redness or itching are general side effects of using any temporary hair removal method for bikini line.
  3. Chemical burn – Using depilatory creams can result in chemical burns as they are not supposed to be used near vulva region.
  4. Cuts or blisters – Cuts are the common side effects of shaving. Also, blisters can develop due to improper waxing where new hair grows sideways causing inflammation in that area.
  5. Hyper-pigmentation – Prolonged use of razors or depilatory creams can result in the dark undergrowth and black spots in the bikini area.
  6. Pain – Waxing and epilation are extremely painful methods of hair removal in the sensitive bikini area. Apart from that, shaving can also lead to pain while removing stubborn hair with force.

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What Is The Best Way To Remove Bikini Hair?

If you want permanent results, then bikini laser hair removal is the best option for you. Temporary hair removal methods might be a quick fix to get rid of unwanted bikini line hair but they come with an array of side effects. Also, they are time-consuming and costly in the long run. On the other hand, bikini laser hair removal is just a one-time investment with minimal discomfort to achieve well-groomed bikini line area.

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