Top 10 Myths And Facts About Laser Hair Removal

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10 Best Myths And Facts About Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal myths and facts

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Laser hair removal is one of the most popular and effective methods to get rid of unwanted hair. But with all good things come certain precautions and care. Let us discover the truth behind these popular myths and understand the facts and questions that are associated with laser hair removal.

Common Myths And Facts

1. Laser hair removal is not a safe procedure and it causes long-term health risks.

Fact – Laser hair removal is a safe procedure. Laser emits light rays that can penetrate to reach the hair follicles (which is upto 5 mm deep). It cannot go any further, which guarantees the safety of your internal organs, blood vessels, and the skin. Also, laser clinic follows certain safety standards for equipment, procedures and training methodologies to ensure clients are safe. The following are some basic safety measures:

  • Dermatologists prepare client’s skin before the procedure.
  • A patch testing is conducted on a small skin area.
  • Cover the eyes with protective goggles.
  • Apply cooling gel before starting the procedure.
  • The type of laser machine is chosen based on the skin requirement.

2. Lasers expose you to radiation and causes cancer.

Fact – There is no evidence that a lasers cause cancer. There are two types of electromagnetic radiations – ionizing and non-ionizing. The lasers used for hair removal work on non-ionizing radiations and work between 700-1400 nanometers. This range is not harmful to the skin.

3. You require just one session for complete hair removal.

Fact – No, ideally an effective laser hair removal treatment is spread over a few sessions as the laser targets only the hair in its growth phase (anagen phase). For optimal results, you may require 6-8 sessions as suggested by your dermatologist which in turn depends on the hair thickness and the speed at which the hair grows. Laser treatment works brilliantly when the sessions are spaced at a minimum of one-month interval. This gives your new hair follicles enough time to grow and be ready for your next session.

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4. Lasers are used only for facial hair removal.

Fact – The laser treatment works wonderfully on facial and underarm regions, but it works equally well on other parts of the body as well. Whether you want to remove hair from your bikini line or your legs, arms, chest or back, the choice is yours. The laser can be used to shape eyebrows and beards too. It can be used for your entire body as well irrespective of your skin type and coarseness of hair. For example it works just as well with fine hair (upper lip) and thick coarse hair (private parts).

5. Laser hair removal is extremely painful.

Fact – With new up-gradations and latest advancements, laser hair removal has become painless and comfortable. It comes with in-motion and built-in cooling technology that removes any discomfort that may have existed in the previous models. A slight sensation (like hot stone massage) can be experienced by some people with very sensitive and delicate skin.

6. Laser hair removal is an expensive procedure.

Fact – A simple calculation will completely de-bunk this myth. If you spend an average of Rs.1,000 every month on removing underarm hair through waxing/shaving, depilatory creams, etc., the average total for five years will be Rs.60,000. But, should you choose laser, 6-8 sessions will cost you about Rs.18,000 – Rs.20,000 and the results will last lot longer than five years. So now you know the fact that laser hair removal is cost-effective over and above any other  temporary hair removal treatment method.

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7. Laser hair removal works on any skin/hair color.

Fact – False! Unfortunately, laser hair removal can only work on those with black/dark brown hair (melanin/dark pigment). Lasers can only detect hair follicles that are dark in color in order to destroy it. Generally, lasers are effective for Indian skin type for both men and women. For those with light blonde, white, grey, and red hair, talk to your dermatologist about performing laser hair removal and check whether there is any specific option available for you.

8. Laser creates burns/skin discoloration.

Fact – No, as undergoing laser therapy to remove body hair will not change or discolor your natural skin. The laser device is designed in a manner that does not inflict any burns or alter your skin’s color. Proper pre and post-care for laser hair removal is recommended while undergoing treatment.

9. All laser machines are the same.

Fact – Each laser is designed to cater to a particular need. There are lasers that are suitable for the variable types of skin and hair. Before selecting the lasers for hair removal, a simple examination is conducted to match the compatibility of the machine along with your skin, hair, body type, etc. Nd:YAG laser and Soprano ice technology are the most advanced and effective ones, to perform hair removal efficiently. So, irrespective of the type of skin/ hair you may have, a laser exists to ensure your needs are taken care of.

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10. There is substantial downtime of laser hair removal.

Fact – Downtime for laser treatment is negligible. Although there have been cases where clients experienced redness and swelling outside the time frame (a very rare case). If you experience some side effects other than redness or swelling, communicate with your dermatologist immediately to seek medical relief.

Now that all your myths regarding laser hair removal have been busted, it is time to check with an expert dermatologist for that smooth and velvety soft skin.

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