Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pop A Pimple

why you shouldn’t pop a pimple

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The uncontrollable desire to pop a pimple lies within all of us. Nobody wants to walk around with a huge zit sitting in the middle of their face. But, before you squeeze the life out of that hideous pimple, stop and use your better judgement.

We have been told a countless number of times not to pop a pimple. So is popping pimples bad? Let’s find out.

Is It Ok To Pop A Pimple

Absolutely NOT! Under no circumstance must you be tempted to pop or squeeze a pimple. Popping pimple will trigger unwanted consequences that lead to unnecessary problems. For further information, read the “10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pop a Pimple” section down below.

What Does A Skin Doctors Advise About Popping A Pimple?

When a acne appears on your face, the next best thing is to approach a certified aesthetician or a dermatologist who can guide you without upsetting the natural balance of your skin.

Once you have taken the necessary steps, the skin specialist will be able to evaluate a pimple in a proper manner and explain you on how to deal with it.

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Pimple examination helps identify the type of pimple (blackhead, pustules, papules, nodules, cysts or a simple whitehead). The next step is to understand if the pimple must be treated with an ointment, injection or a pimple extraction.

In most cases, the doctor will recommend a simple ointment that must be applied twice or thrice a day for the pimple to reduce in size and redness.

If there is a need to perform a pimple extraction, then the dermatologist will immediately suggest it. He/she will most likely extract the pimple in a professional, hygienic manner without leaving a scar or causing a new pimple to form in its place. A cream will be prescribed to further heal the skin pore and bring it back to its original condition.

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pop A Pimple

Deep down, we know it’s bad to pop a pimple, but why? Here are top 10 reasons to convince you.

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1. It leads to redness and swelling

Picking and popping will worsen a pimple and lead to swelling along with redness. Irritating the skin will only inflame the condition and give it a prominent appearance. It can further damage the pores as well.

2. The outer rim protects the rest of your skin

That’s a huge benefit of having an elevated skin eruption such as a pimple. The dome of a pimple isolates the bacteria from spreading to the surrounding area. By bursting the pimple, the bacteria can spread around and cause more infection.

3. The erupted pus will lead to more pimples.

Being impatient to let one pimple dry out on its own will lead to other more severe consequences. If you do pop a pimple, the pus inside will disperse to the surrounding area and cause 3 more to take its place.

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4. Infection can be the next problem

Touching the pus or even bursting the pimple will cause a bacterial infection making the situation worse. The pimples will be easily formed and controlling them will become difficult.

5. Scabs are bothersome

Once the pimple is popped, the skin will start the healing process which will result in scabs. It will take additional time for the crust to dry and fall off on its own. Therefore letting the pimple dry will take less time then picking on it and allowing the scab to heal.

6. Acne scars

Picking on scabs will lead to acne scars. Acne scars are the most difficult skin issue to deal with. They do not fade away easily, and they can take years to heal if not treated with products and treatment. Save yourself the time and leave the pimples alone.

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7. Dark Blemishes/ Discoloration

If acne scars do not form after picking on pimples, then hyperpigmentation is definitely the next occurrence. Dark marks or discoloration is left in the place of popped pimples. These marks can be difficult to erase and need cosmetic products to help them fade away.

8. More pimples

After squeezing a pimple, the bacteria present inside the pimple will be pushed deeper into the pore. Even after the pimple has healed, the bacteria can surface on the skin and create more pimples.

9. Longer to heal

Constantly picking on pimples will elongate the healing process. It will take more time to dry and fall off naturally. It’s best to leave it alone and allow the pimple to go away in its own time.

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10. Bad habit

Picking, popping, squeezing or any other action to remove pimples and not allowing it to heal naturally will encourage you to form a bad habit. This bad habit is easily formed and can lead to unwanted consequences like scarring and hyper pigmentation.

Now that you know 10 viable reasons not to touch that pimple, its time you curb that habit. Let’s make a skin resolution today to not let anything come near that pimple. Why indulge something that robs us of our beauty?

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