• Weight Loss Treatment
  • Weight Loss Treatment

    The biggest challenge that most of you are facing right now is weight management. The pace of life, the sedentary lifestyle, improper diet and enormous stress is leading to a lot of disturbance and eventually leading to flab at unwanted places and sometimes it is going to obesity. But the good side of the coin is, technology has advanced to such a level that weight increase can be curbed and your body can be brought back to shape. The point to cheer is, this happens through a rather non-invasive technique called the ‘Body Contouring’. Oliva specializes in developing customized holistic programs that can take care of stubborn fat deposits inside your body.

  • Why Weight Loss?
  • Why Weight Loss?

    Weight loss is on everybody’s mind; the proof can be seen everywhere. Take a look at newspaper, television, radio, internet; you would know what we are talking about.
    But why lose weight:

    • Reduced risk of lifestyle diseases like
      hypertension, cardiac problems, diabetes,
      high cholesterol related issues ,
      metabolic syndromes, arthritis, lung
      diseases, PCOS and thyroid hormone
    • To manage stress and anxiety.
    • Better style statement with good physical
      appearance and high self-esteem
      and confidence.
    • Get attention for the right reasons in
      professional, personal, and social circles
      with a physique in its best form.
    • Skin appears healthy and radiant
      too when you are fit.
    • Life span gets better definitely when
      you have a healthy body.
    • Makes you look younger than your
      peers in same age and this is true at
      cellular level too.
    • Overall savings on health care
      expenses and medications.
    • Last but not least increase in
      happiness quotient.

  • Suitable Candidates for
    Weight Loss Treatment
  • Suitable Candidates for Weight Loss Treatment

    • The BMI should be between 23 and 40
    • Candidate should be above the age of
      16 years.
    • Candidates with serious
      medical conditions like cancer, with
      pacemaker, with uncontrolled
      epilepsy, etc would not be suitable
      for body contouring
    • Pregnant candidates also would not
      be eligible for body contouring
    • Candidate should be willing to adopt a
      healthy lifestyle

  • Body Contouring at Oliva
  • Body Contouring at Oliva

    Looking for an effective weight loss program in Hyderabad??? You have arrived at the right place.

    No fad strict crash diet, no rigorous exercise, no cuts, no scars, no surgeries, no downtime, no specific compression garments, no medication – Oliva weight loss program is all about eating right, living healthy and getting back in shape.

    Oliva’s body contouring program stands out in the crowded market of weight loss due to its efficacy and the health aspects it takes care of. Oliva offers both weight and inch loss programs considering the specific requirements of client. The treatment is in combination with changes in eating pattern, physical activity and use of USFDA approved clinical appliances.

    At Oliva, We understand that every individual is different and thus we customize our programs to suit you the best. Since every individual is different our experts suggest a customized weight loss program keeping in view your health and lifestyle. For those who would benefit more from liposuction, tummy tuck, or other surgical procedures, the experts would advice accordingly

    So take your first step into Oliva today and make your way for a good shaped tomorrow and better health.

    Weight Loss: This program takes care of your complete weight and ensures that the ideal body mass index is achieved and maintained. Diet chart, exercise and other clinical programs are prepared keeping in lieu complete weight loss.

    Inch Loss: This program addresses specific fat deposited problem areas like waist, thighs, abdomen, hips, arms, and back. Inch loss procedure also ensures that your BMI is achieved and maintained.

  • Appliances Used at Oliva Clinic
  • Appliances Used at Oliva Clinic

    Be assured, Oliva uses the best and the latest weight loss equipments available and which are USFDA approved. The appliances used at Oliva are:

    HiLipo: This is the most advanced medical equipment for body contouring which is used for inch loss of specific body part, weight loss, and tightening with advanced technology. The equipment can be used for ultra-cavitations and vacuum for specific body parts likeabdomen, hips, thighs, arms, and back.

    Deep Heat: This is advanced weight loss equipment approved by USFDA which warms the muscles and relaxes them.

    NMS EMS: EMS stands for Electronic Muscle Stimulation which is a revolutionary method of muscle exercise to make your body muscles work fast and effectively. This also increases the blood flow circulation.

    These equipments are used for passive exercise and are used by certified slimming therapist only at Oliva.

  • How Body Contouring
    at Oliva Works?
  • How Body Contouring at Oliva Works?

    • Negative calorie balance is ensured
    • Food intake and output is balanced
    • Customized balanced diet with
      carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, fibres is

    • Physiotherapist advices on required
      physical activity
    • Behaviour modification
    • Lifestyle modification
    • Induced passive activity
      Our experts comprising of doctors, physiotherapists, dieticians, and slimming therapists will get your body composition analysis and customise the program and the required number of sessions in lieu of your requirement.


      Weight loss at Oliva Clinics is not about only diet or exercise. We strive to give you the most sustainable weight loss with overall care and treatment.

    • Weight loss treatment is done by the
      leading weight loss experts, nutritionists,
      physiotherapists, dieticians, and
      slimming therapists.
    • Every person is different and so are the
      reasons of weight gain. So the weight loss
      treatment should also be
      different and this is the reason why our
      weight loss experts customize the
      weight loss treatment exclusively
      for you.
    • Weight loss treatment at Oliva Clinics
      starts with a detailed consultation and is
      followed subsequently by a detailed
      prepared chart which includes food,
      exercise, clinical treatment, etc.
    • We respect your privacy. So we assign
      a personal consultation service room
      where in only you and the assisting
      staffs are allowed.
    • Our clinics are equipped with latest
      equipments and weight loss appliances
      which are approved by USFDA.
    • Every clinic is located centrally
      and conveniently for easy access
      and comfort.
    • We have helped thousands of clients
      in getting in shape and 91% of our
      clients are extremely happy with
      the results.You can be next! So
      why weight?

  • FAQ's
  • FAQs

    Who can get weight loss treatment done?

    The weight loss treatment can be done if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is within the range of 23-40 and there is no medical complications. But the objective will be achieved only through a combination of healthy lifestyle, eating pattern.

    What is special about treatment at Oliva?

    The Weight Loss treatment is done using the latest and advanced appliances which are US FDA approved. The treatment is done by a slimming specialist under the observation of a diet counselor or physiotherapist.

    What would be the duration?

    The duration would be usually 1 hour per visit; you are expected to visit twice a week.

    How do you determine the number of sessions?

    Oliva has expert slimming therapists, doctors, physiotherapists who do a detailed study on your body composition analysis report and prepare the program based on its findings.

'*Results may vary'.