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Oliva's Acne Scar Treatment

Has acne robbed your skin of its innocence? You don't have to live with even scarred pits and undulations left behind by acne.

Every acne scar is different. Dermatologists at Oliva’s Bangalore branches have customized acne scar treatment plans for each of its clients which are reinforced by their years of experience and medical expertise..

During the elaborate consultation, the doctors assess your acne scars using standardized acne scar grading scale. Your skin type is determined with the help of a validated classification system, taking into account its tendency to develop marks and scars after injuries. A personalized treatment plan is then chalked out, using a combination of the following modalities.

Different Procedures of Acne Scar Treatment at Oliva Clinics

This procedure is performed after the scarred area is anaesthetized using local anaesthesia injections. The bands that tether the base of the scar to the underlying structures are released using specially made needles, reducing the scar depth. Laser resurfacing is then used to even out the residual irregularities..

Pixel™ is a state of the art fractionated Erbium YAG Laser from world renowned Alma Lasers®. It is an ablative fractional resurfacing modality, using the safest wavelength for colured Asian skin (as opposed to the more aggressive carbon dioxide laser).

Pixel™ is extremely effective in stimulating collagen production and improves almost all types of scars and lines. It gives your skin a dramatically rejuvenated appearance, as it gently removes the top part of the skin and encourages younger skin to emerge. It vastly improves color and texture of your skin and gets rid of blemishes giving it a true makeover..

It is almost completely painless when combined with a numbing cream and can be completed by our dermatologists in barely 15minutes. After the treatment, there is just a minimal downtime of 4-5 days during which the older skin peels off. Signs of the treatment can easily be masked (covered) by make up the very next day.

It is so safe on Indian skin that after the treatment, all you need to use is a medicated cream for few days in addition to a sunscreen.

After the very first session, improvement in skin color and texture is evident in a week while reduction in the scars and lines continues to happen for the subsequent six months because of continued stimulation of collagen.

The sharp edges of boxcar scars are softened with the controlled use of Erbium YAG laser in its pure ablative mode. This converts the clearly demarcated scars into those with gradually sloping cosmetically superior scars, which respond better to pixel resurfacing. Pixel that is performed immediately afterwards, in the same session, would then induce collagen to fill up the scar and reduce its depth.

For deep boxcar scars, punch excision is used to completely remove the scar under local anaesthesia. The edges of normal skin are then sutured using fine sutures and advanced dermato-surgical techniques to create an almost imperceptible shallow scar, which would be blended with pixel resurfacing.

Hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally occurs in the deep part of the skin (dermal part) is used to fill up acne scars. The effect would last for 6-8 months, after which it would be assimilated and destroyed by the body. As it is rather short lasting, it is generally reserved for those looking for quick results. US FDA approved fillers only are used at Oliva, to ensure that adverse effects are kept at bay.

Medium depth peels have some effect on acne scars. Unfortunately, they are unsafe for Asian and Indian skin. Superficial TCA peels are used at Oliva for flat (macular) pigmented scars. After your skin is cleansed and prepped by a therapist, the dermatologist applies the peel and neutralizes it after getting the desired response in your skin. Top layers of your skin would peel for the next 4-5 days, revealing clear unblemished skin, as the pigmented flat scars fade away.

An effective surgical procedure in vogue in the west till the advent of lasers, it never caught on in India as it was too risky for Asian skin. Even if one is willing to go through the invasive process and put up with the prolonged recovery time, the chances of long-term pigmentation, or worse still, whitish marks that Asians may develop after the procedure prevent its usage for acne scars.

A safe “lunch hour” procedure in which skin is polished using aluminium oxide crystals, it was promoted for acne scar reduction in the early part of the last decade. It does give temporary improvement in acne scars, but we believe in giving long lasting results. At Oliva, we reserve it for giving your skin a glow.

Papular scars on the nose and chin are flattened using gentle Erbium YAG laser in a conventional (non-fractionated) mode.

Fibroblast soothing molecules are used in appropriate dilutions to flatten the elevated scars.

Why Oliva Clinics for Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Experienced in-house team ofCosmetic Dermatologists
Experienced in-house team of Certified Dermatologists
Advanced US-FDA approved equipment
Advanced US-FDA approved equipment
Comprehensive one-to-one consultation with the doctor
Comprehensive one-to-one consultation with the doctor
Well trained and certified therapists
Well trained and certified therapists
Stringent guidelines and set protocols for better service efficacy
Stringent guidelines and set protocols for better service efficacy
World class state-of-the-art facilities
2,50,000 happy customers and counting

Faqs On Scar Removal Treatment

Scars are of different types based on their shape and texture. For instance, macular or flat scars are those which are dark brown or reddish in colour. Rolling scars are those with gentle sloping edges and they are sunken below the surrounding skin. Then, there are boxcar scars which have sharp edges and are sunken like craters, whereas the ice pick scars appear like deep pits looking like large open pores. There are also papular scars and keloidal scars but most of the people are affected with a combination of rolling scars, ice pick scars and boxcar scars.
This is a completely painless process to a large extent as a numbing cream is applied and the whole session is completed within 20 minutes.
Within a span of 4-5 days, the older skin peels off so the healing happens quickly.
The side effects are quite minimal such as swelling, mild redness, and peeling of the skin. This can be managed by applying dermatologist prescribed topical antibacterial cream, sunscreen lotion, and moisturizer.
It depends on the specific skin concern. Normally, a course of 4-6 sessions spaced out across a span of 1-2 months is considered to get satisfactory results.

Client Reviews

Read below what our esteemed clients have to say about us and what makes us the premier provider of skin and hair care services.

Reffred by my friend and went there for acne and acne scars it's good clinic I got treated for acne now getting for my scars. Found value for money. Good Improvement Clinic is good Staff is polite Thanks oliva

- Naidu Rakesh

Good treatment went for acne scars good technology well experienced doctor Staff are good All over excellent

- Kush Roy

Treatment in oliva is good i am taking the teartment at oliva for my acne scars it shows a great response nd a good change for me i would suggeste the people come to oliva who are suffering vth same problem nd get rid of it.

- Maheshwari K

Nice treatment for scars, got improvement, highly recommended for any skin treatments.

- Prathima A

i have reached oliva with Acne and Scar problem.. but with in few weeks i can clearly see improvements with my skin. It provides very good hospitality and well experinced doctors and therapists.

- Shiva Krishna

Results of Scar Removal Treatment

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Scar Removal Treatment Procedure Explained By Our Dermatologist

Oliva offers an advanced treatment for skin lightening and rejuvenation. Check out the details on our procedure and gain deeper insights into how the treatment proceeds under an expert dermatologist.

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