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Safe & Effective Pimple Removal Treatment

Clinically-Proven Solutions to Clear Stubborn Acne

Acne, pimples or zits are more common among teenagers, but they are increasingly becoming prominent in adults and elderlies. It is largely caused by increased activity of the sebaceous glands (oil producing glands under the skin). They are found mainly on the face, neck, back, arms, forehead and chest. The causal factors include; hormonal imbalance, stress, pollution, lifestyle, health conditions, etc.

With advancement in dermatology, the treatment for all kinds of acne – from mild, moderate to severe; is possible with unparalleled benefits. A key to deal with acne is early and dedicated treatment under an expert dermatologist, emphasizing both the root cause and aesthetic aspects, simultaneously. Oliva is proud to be the most preferred destination for both men and women of all ages, suffering from different kinds of acne.

Different Treatment Options Available at Oliva Clinic

Chemical Peel – Specialized acne control peel is given that helps in clearing the acne (papule and pustule) by removing the upper dead skin layer and unveiling rejuvenated skin from beneath.

Comedone Extraction – A special instrument is used to extract the comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) precisely by our expert dermatologists.

Intralesional Injections – For cystic acne and nodules, intralesional injections are administered to subcide these pus-filled outgrowth and even out the skin.

Medications – Both oral and topical medicines are prescribed by our dermatologists, in addition to the above treatments.

Why Oliva Clinics?

Advanced US-FDA approved equipment

Advanced US-FDA approved equipment

Comprehensive one-to-one consultation with the doctor

Comprehensive one-to-one consultation with the doctor

Well trained and certified therapists

Well trained and certified therapists

Stringent guidelines and set protocols for better service efficacy

Stringent guidelines and set protocols for better service efficacy

FAQ’s On Acne/Pimple Removal Treatment:

The reasons for the formation of pimples are many such as excessive oil production in the skin, hormonal imbalance, heavy cosmetics, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, certain medications, humid climate, exposure to pollution etc.
Mild, moderate, and severe pimples are the main categories of pimples – whiteheads and blackheads belong to the mild types; papules and pustules to the moderate type; and nodules and cysts to the severe type. These fall under the Acne Vulgaris category.
Pimple treatment at Oliva is extremely safe and effective. We maintain stringent protocols and sterile procedures along with evidence based methodology, to provide a holistic treatment to all our clients.
This number varies from person to person and the dermatologist will suggest you the required number of sessions as needed specifically for you. Generally, four to six sessions are recommended for optimal results.
No, there is no side effect. You may experience some transient redness, but this subsides in a few minutes or with cold compressions.

Client Reviews

Read below what our esteemed clients have to say about us and what makes us the premier provider of skin and hair care services.

Acne treatment is worth taking here. It includes peel and laser toning of required number of sessions along with oral medication. It's few months or a year long treatment. Improvements ll definitely be seen.


Devika C.S

Its really great My treatment was regarding acne And im really happy with the results and its great i highly recommend this clinic to u guys if u r looking for improvements.


Ayub Pasha

Am taking acne controlling session its feel good at second session....yaa its good and the doctor and all staff all are doing well .and it is the best skin clinic..ever... Am suggest it for everyone...


Ranadheer Rao

I am feeling better with oliva treatment..i am tacking acp treatment and i am happy with oliva treatment


Shaheen shaik

I had coming from acne treatment so far it is good experience to me and doctor Anne did a very good job there


Venna Vidhyajyothi

I have taken ACP sessions for acne.In two months my skin got cleared ..Doctors are very friendly and patient.All the appointments are done on time.Very happy with OLIVA


Bindu Tammala

I used to break out badly at least once a month. I've been going to Oliva for almost two years now, and I have to say, my skin has never looked better! Pimples - that's a thing of the past. Thanks, Oliva.



Results of Pimples/Acne Treatment

Check out real images of clients who have undergone treatment at Oliva

Pimple/Acne Treatment Procedure Explained By Our Dermatologist

Oliva offers some of the most advanced treatments for pimple/acne. Check out the details on procedure and gain deeper insights into how our treatment proceeds under an expert dermatologist.

Awards and Recognitions

Below are a few honors we have received for excellence in Dermatology.




A Leading Chain Of Skin And Hair Clinics in India

Oliva’s journey started in 2009 with one clinic in Hyderabad, and today it has 23 clinics present across seven major cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kochi, Vizag, Pune and Kolkata. We specialise in providing advanced medico-aesthetic solutions for skin and hair problems using cutting-edge USFDA-approved technology.

We have been awarded #1 Skin & Hair Clinic by Times of India.

Oliva boasts of having state-of-the-art facilities across all its clinics. Our medical team comprises of more than 85 leading dermatologists and trichologists and certified therapists who provide customised treatments to our clients and deliver optimal results.

We bring you the aesthetics of beauty and the science of medical knowledge as a unified service under one roof. Our holistic approach helps us offer world-class services and guarantee long-lasting satisfaction to all our esteemed clients. For over ten years now, our 2,50,000 plus clients have spoken about their delightful experience at Oliva. Within a decade of its existence, Oliva has emerged as the most trusted brand for professional dermatological care in the country today!

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