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Reverse Early Signs of Balding With Hair Regrowth (PRP) Treatment

Balding occurs due to progressive hair loss and affects people across all age groups, even those in their early 20s. Hair loss is one of the major aesthetic concerns these days, and its treatment is most sought-after to prevent balding.

Advanced solutions are now available for treating hair thinning and hair loss. Oliva specialises in providing non-surgical hair regrowth treatment to regain lost hair naturally. With the largest team of doctors at Oliva, we have a collective experience of performing more than 85000 successful sessions of hair loss treatments till date!


PRP stands for Platelet-rich Plasma. A small sample of blood is extracted from the client and then centrifuged into a matrix rich in growth factors and concentrated with platelets. The matrix is then injected directly into the scalp using a special microneedle.

The platelets then get to work on the underperforming hair follicles, encouraging hair growth, restoring volume and tackling hair loss, balding and thinning hairlines. PRP has a high success rate with most cases of androgenetic alopecia, working well with both men and women.

The real question is, why not choose PRP therapy for hair loss?

It is:

Why Oliva Clinics for PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Experienced in-house team ofCosmetic Dermatologists
Experienced in-house team of Certified Dermatologists
Advanced US-FDA approved equipment
Advanced US-FDA approved equipment
Comprehensive one-to-one consultation with the doctor
Comprehensive one-to-one consultation with the doctor
Well trained and certified therapists
Well trained and certified therapists
Stringent guidelines and set protocols for better service efficacy
Stringent guidelines and set protocols for better service efficacy
World class state-of-the-art facilities
2,50,000 happy customers and counting

Frequently Asked Questions On PRP Treatment

It doesn’t hurt beyond the pain of the needle prick. A numbing gel can be applied as per your doctor’s advice.
Depending on factors such as your medical history and combination treatments, the duration of the treatment can vary from case to case. Generally, one session of PRP takes around 1-1.5hrs, and it is usually administered monthly.
An ideal candidate for PRP hair treatment is someone who has mild androgenetic alopecia(pattern baldness) or someone who is dealing with constant hair thinning. Before prescribing the treatment, your dermatologist will perform a blood test for the platelet count and rule out blood infections, if any.
Results can be seen after 2-3 sessions in form of new hair growth and decrease in hair loss. Typically, clients are suggested 6-8 sessions to see results.
Fortunately, it is not required as there is no downtime after the PRP treatment. A client is only advised not to wash his/her hair for about 24 hours.

Client Reviews

Read below what our esteemed clients have to say about us and what makes us the premier provider of skin and hair care services.

Went for hair fall met the doctors and they have guided me towards people and took few sessions now seen good results. Thanks oliva

- Praveen K

I am here taking the PRP with doctor Hima Bindu. The results are very good and the staff and overall clinic is very nice.. i will suggest to come oliva and clear all your problems related to skin & hair without any doubts…

- Ram Chinna Ravuri

Best clinic so far seen results are as promised prp really worked will. very professional place.the way attended me and took care of my appointmenton my visit never felt any unprofessionalism.

- Firdous khan

Taking PRP session for hair loss. After 3 sessions and regular medication results are good. Staffs and Doctors are nice and friendly. Keep up the good work👍👏

- Pushkar pratap

I am taking the PRP treatment in Olivia hospital. I got good results. Service is good.

- Siva kishore

Results of PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Check out real images of clients who have undergone treatment at Oliva

PRP Hair Loss Treatment Procedure Explained By Our Dermatologist

Oliva offers an advanced treatment for PRP Hair Loss Treatment. Check out the details on our procedure and gain deeper insights into how the treatment proceeds under an expert Trichologist.

Awards and Recognitions

Below are a few honors we have received for excellence in Dermatology.