Online Consultation (Monday to Saturday)

2 Complementary follow-up calls (valid for 2 weeks post consultation)

Please fill in your details & pay the consultation fee online. Our customer care team will get in touch with you and help you with an appointment.

Terms & Conditions for Online Video Consultation

I express my voluntary consent to avail the Telemedicine services offered by Oliva. I am aware of the limitations of technology wherein the Doctors assess my condition based on photographs and/or audio/video interaction, which is not similar to physical examination. I hereby consent to availing the treatment by Telemedicine mode. I shall not make any kind of claims against the Doctor and Oliva Clinic for the treatment provided by them through Telemedicine mode and further, I do hereby indemnify the Doctor and Oliva Clinic from all kinds of third-party claims that may be initiated in respect of the treatment.