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  • What is Dermatology?
  • What is Dermatology?

    Dermatology involves but is not limited to extensive study, research, and diagnosis of disorders related to skin, hair, and nails. Dermatologists investigate and prescribe appropriate therapy for many dermatological issues.

    The largest and most visible organ is the skin. Skin acts as a barrier against injuries and bacteria and stops them from entering body. The texture of skin most of the times reflects the health of the body.

    This branch of health care and medicine has undergone a sea of changes in last two decades. Dermatologists are like god sent messengers whose mission is to make mankind look beautiful.

    Read more about Cosmetic Dermaotology .

  • Oliva’s Dermatological Care
  • Oliva’s Dermatological Care

    Since its inception in 2009, Oliva has always aimed at bringing the best facilities in terms of medical expertise and technology for dermatological treatments.

    Under the expert guidance of Dr. Rajetha Damisetty, an alumnus of JIPMER, one of the top 5 medical schools in the Country and a gold medalist in dermatology from the prestigious Madras Medical College, Oliva holds pride of a dedicated team of Dermatologists for the range of services offered who can understand your skin and accordingly treat your concerns to have the best possible results.

  • Dermatological Skin Care
    Services from Oliva
  • Dermatological Skin Care Services from Oliva

    • Laser Hair Removal
    • Skin Lightening/Tightening/Polishing
    • Anti-Aging Services
    • Acne & Pimples Treatment
    • Scar Reduction Process
    • Wart/Birth Marks/ Moles Removal
    • Tattoo Removal

  • Dermatological Hair Care
    Services from Oliva
  • Dermatological Hair Care Services from Oliva

    • Hair transplantation
    • PRP treatment for hair re-growth

    Oliva‘s dermatological care has an edge over others as it provides holistic treatment for every service offered. Detailed consultation by the Dermatologist followed by treatment with complete guidance for pre and post treatment care makes Oliva the best.


    • Rigorously trained, well-qualified
      cosmetic dermatologists choose the
      best dermatological process,
      treatments, & techniques to treat the
      concern from inside out.
    • We use only world class, advanced,
      which are specially chosen and suitable
      for Indian skin. Your comfort is
      foremost on our mind. Hence
      numbing cream or local anaesthesia
      is applied before the procedure as
      per requirement to make the procedure
      comfortable and smooth going.
    • Every treatment session is customized
      to suit your requirements, combining
      many modalities. Optimal and the
      best treatment parameters are
      used each time.
    • Oliva believes in stringent and
      set tested protocols for efficacy
      and safety. The elaborate pre procedure
      assessment and an extensive post
      care checklist assure that we care.
    • With thousands of treatment done
      so far, we can proudly say
      that we have make our client happy and
      satisfied and this percentage
      ticks above 91%.

      Treating Indian skin is a technique which our dermatologists have mastered, ensuring safety with efficacy both.
  • FAQs
  • FAQs

    What is dermatology?

    Dermatology is the medical science which can treat the concerns related to skin, hair and nails, including, but not limited to, acne, scars, dull skin, unwanted hair, wrinkles, sun spots, pigmentation problems, warts, moles, hair loss, and sun damage. If you have a skin or hair related problem, a dermatologist is the best choice for treatment. .

    What is a Dermatologist?

    Dermatologist is the doctor who has been specially trained in the treatment of skin, hair, & nails concern post their initial 5 years of MBBS course. Dermatologists can treat skin conditions, perform surgical procedures, use laser devices, and execute cosmetic and aesthetic procedures.

    Do I need an appointment to see the dermatologist?

    Yes, you do. To book your appointment at Oliva Clinics, you can contact our office by phone or use the “Contact Form” on the Website.

    What are the skin and hair dermatological procedures performed at Oliva Clinics?

    Oliva's services include treating ailments resulting from hormonal imbalances such as acne, scars, skin pigmentation, dull skin, alopecia, hirsutism, mitigating the effects of ageing and body contouring or slimming.

    Do the doctors perform the procedures at Oliva Clinics?

    Yes, our highly-experienced and knowledgeable cosmetic dermatologists handle every candidate personally and perform the procedures in assistance from the rigorously trained assisting therapists.

    Is it necessary to get dermatological treatments?

    Yes, just like other health concerns, dermatology is a health concern and needs to be treated in time. Skin and hair not only have aesthetic appeal but also protect our internal organ from getting harm. Hence, it is essential to take care of the skin and hair you live in.

    Are the treatments done at Oliva Clinic safe?

    The strictest and set tested protocols and the stringent guidelines assure to provide the safest and the most effective treatment for every skin and hair concern. Our cosmetic dermatologists have years of expertise and use only the advanced leading technologies and USFDA approved equipments.