PRP Hair Treatment Procedure at Oliva

Want to enhance your looks and confidence? But don’t know how or where; then below is a brief on complete PRP procedure for hair restoration at Oliva.
PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy procedure begins with the initial consultation. This is the most important step where in the client’s hair fall severity, scalp condition and health statistics are checked by the dermato-trichologist. A proper customised treatment plan is made which includes a detailed prescription, necessary investigations, dietary instructions etc. All the concerns regarding the procedure are cleared. Besides the health condition, doctor also looks out for the client’s lifestyle and also sets the expectation of the results post the procedure.

The initial consultation is followed by the below steps.

  • The staff at every Oliva clinic guide the client to a personalized service room. Every service room at Oliva is designed for only one person at a time, with only the dermato-trichologist and assisting therapist.

  • The doctor collects 15 to 20 ml of client’s blood with very tiny needles and canulas under sterile precautions as per the set stringent protocols of Oliva.

  • Blood thus collected in tubes is subjected to double centrifuge method which is unique at Oliva. Double spinning ensures that the platelet count derived is the best.

  • The target area to be treated on head is cleaned thoroughly with antiseptic lotions.

  • The dermato-trichologist infuses the active platelets in the affected area with very tiny syringes.

  • Post the session, you are given 15 to 20 minutes for relaxation before heading out to resume your normal duties.

  • Required post care instructions along with the prescription are given to ensure good compliance thereby to get optimal results.

  • The same steps are followed for every session of PRP treatment at Oliva.