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  • Stretch Marks Treatment
  • Stretch Marks Treatment

    Stretch marks treatment is a favourite topic of conversation among Indian women and why not, because it’s a common beauty spoiler and a huge embarrassment for both men and women. Stretch marks occur when our skin stretches beyond its potential of its recovery. The excessive stretching of the skin breaks collagen and the elastic fibres in the deeper layers which impart support to the skin. This breakage of collagen and elastic fibres results in stretch marks. Initially they are red and gradually they fade to become silvery white.

    Oliva Clinics offers the most advanced stretch marks treatment with the advanced Radiofrequency (RF) technology named Secret RF. Unlike medications, peels, and microdermabrasion which have limited penetration with minimal or no results, Secret RF treatment clears the stretch marks from within, in just few sessions.

  • Stretch Marks Explained
  • Stretch Marks Explained

    Stretch marks or striae (singular stria) or striae distensae as it is medically known are narrow or broad zig-zag lines on the skin. They often start as red or purple lines and gradually attain a silvery-white colour appearance. They usually occur over the shoulders, upper arms, breasts, abdomen, lower back,thighs, buttocks, calves etc.

    Stretch marks are very common in women than in men. Pregnancy, weight fluctuation (weight loss or gain), puberty, genetic factors, certain medications like oral corticosteroids etc, and health conditions like Marfan's syndrome and Cushing’s syndrome result in stretch marks.

  • Stretch Marks Removal
    with Secret RF
  • Stretch Marks Removal with Secret RF

    The Secret RF treatment at Oliva Clinics clears stretch marks caused during pregnancy and also fades away the stretch marks on breasts, hips, thighs, legs, and other body parts too.

    Secret is a bipolar microneedling Radiofrequency procedure that heats the skin’s lower layers to stimulate collagen production and remodelling. The treatment occurs below the skin layers and keeping the upper layers unaffected.

    The best part of Secret RF treatments for stretch marks is that it has absolutely NO downtime or recovery period. You can resume your normal activities almost immediately after the procedure. All it takes is just 4 to 8 sessions of Secret RF treatment, spaced at 30 days intervals to clear away the stretch marks effectively.

  • Secret RF Treatment Procedure
  • Secret RF Treatment Procedure

    Stretch marks treatment with Secret RF at Oliva Clinics is a simple 2 hours procedure which starts with the thorough assessment by the expert cosmetic dermatologists. The doctors would analyze your skin through a proper history and thorough examination to know the extent of stretch marks, identify the reason behind them and to understand your skin healing. Below is a step by step guide on the complete procedure of stretch marks treatment with Secret RF at Oliva Clinics:

    • Post the consultation, you are guided
      to your personal consultation room where
      in only the doctor and assisting
      staff is allowed.
    • Assisting staff cleanses the area and
      prepares the skin for the Secret RF
      treatment by applying a topical
      anaesthetic cream for 45 minutes or one
      hour to make the procedure more
    • comfortable.
    • The doctor performs the Secret RF
      stretch mark removal procedure by
      gliding the hand piece over the affected
      body part. Each time the skin is stamped
      with the hand piece, a slight prickling
      sensation and warmth is felt
      which doesn’t last more than a second.
      This sensation indicates
      that the stretch marks treatment
      is working effectively..
    • The area is cleansed by the
      assisting staff & the client
      is allowed to rest for few
      minutes before resuming
      his daily activities. .

  • What to expect post treatment?
  • What to expect post treatment?

    The most significant part of Secret RF treatment for stretch marks is that the procedure is absolutely pain free and doesn’t leave any signs or marks post the procedure. Hence, the stretch marks treatment with Secret is perfect for people who want a hassle free solution without any down time

    People with very sensitive skin might have red or pink, warm and tingling sensation immediately post treatment which is very similar to sunburn. All these minor side effects settle in not more than few hours. Most clients return to work the next day without any obvious effects.

    Learn more about the advanced Secret RF treatment for stretch marks, have a consultation with the cosmetic dermatologist today.

  • Secret RF Advantage
  • Secret RF Advantage

      For stretch mark removal, Secret RF has emerged as the most promising treatment till date. It can treat all types of stretch marks and on areas like breasts, stretch marks on hips, belly stretch marks, stretch marks on thighs, and other body parts in just few sessions. The many advantages of Secret RF treatment are:
    • Safe for all skin colours and types
    • Stimulates skin collagen and elastin
    • Reduces both new and old stretch
    • Absolutely painless procedure
    • Minimal or no down time considering
      the skin sensitivity
    • No tell-a-tale signs post procedure
    • Suitable for people with tendency to
      get marks, blemishes, scars, or
      pigmentation easily

  • Why Oliva?
  • Why Oliva?

      The expert cosmetic dermatologists at Oliva Clinics use Radio frequency to treat stretch marks. Top 6 reasons to choose Oliva Clinics for stretch marks treatment are:
    • Stringent protocols and set tested
      guidelines which is followed obligatory
      for every client
    • Team of in-house expert cosmetic
      dermatologists who have decades
      of collective experience in treating
      skin related concerns
    • Secret RF equipment is USFDA
      approved equipment which is safe,
      non-surgical, and non-invasive
    • Every skin is different and so are its
      requirements. This is the reason why our
      doctors customize the stretch
      marks treatment for every individual
    • Discreet, dignified, and confidential
      service. We take extreme measures like
      assigning you a personal consultation
      and service room every time you
      visit Oliva Clinics.
    • The state-of-the-art facilities with
      relaxing and peaceful ambience at every
      centre of Oliva Clinics is world

  • FAQs
  • FAQs

    What is RF and how does it reduce stretch marks?

    RF stands for Radio Frequency. Secret RF equipment uses minimally invasive micro-needles to deliver precisely controlled heat energy directly into the deeper layers of the dermis. This heat stimulates new collagen production and remodelling, repairs elastin fibres, thus reducing the stretch marks effectively.

    Is it safe?

    Yes, Secret RF treatment for stretch marks is absolutely safe at Oliva Clinics. Performed by the leading cosmetic dermatologists, the USFDA approved equipments and the stringent protocols make the treatment absolutely safe..

    Are the results effective?

    Yes, one can see significant results post first session itself. However, one may require 4-8 sessions spaced at 4 weeks apart for complete removal of stretch marks.

    Will the procedure hurt?

    No, the procedure of stretch mark removal with Secret RF is absolutely painless. With topical anaesthetic cream applied prior to the procedure, utmost care is taken to make it hassle free. .

    What is the recovery time post the treatment?

    It’s just few hours of rest before one can resume his/her normal routine immediately after the procedure. Since there are no signs of treatment taken, the client can be assured of confidentiality of the procedure..

    Are there any specific post care instructions?

    No, there are not any specific post care instructions. However, staying out of direct sun, sun protection with sunscreens and avoiding scrubs for a few days is advised.

'*Results may vary'.