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    Stretch marks, no doubt are one of the ugliest, most embarrassing, and unsightly marks which appear on the tummy, thighs, upper arms, buttocks, lower back, and breasts. These marks are caused for different reasons, such as weight gain, pregnancy, adolescent growth spurts, and even genetics. Stretch marks are not limited to gender; they can happen in both men and women. They can also appear on young teens as well as older adults. Stretch marks happen because of a tear in the resilient deep tissue in the skin which imparts support to the skin. This happens due to break down of collagen and elastic fibres, which are supporting proteins, secondary to excessive expansion of body tissues. They start as red or pink lines but gradually turn into silver or white streaks.

    Thanks to the advancement of modern science, the removal of the dreaded stretch marks is now achievable with next-generation radiofrequency machine Secret. Oliva Clinics offer a promising technology called Secret Radiofrequency for stretch marks. Secret Radiofrequency ensures new collagen production and remodelling in the deeper layers of the skin without any downtime thus improving the stretch marks. The treatment is a completely safe and is a non-invasive procedure which brings back your flawless skin.

    Stretch Marks Defined

    Stretch marks or striae, as they are referred to in dermatology, are a form of skin scars which usually appear like fine lines with ridges, almost like indentations sometimes. They are often red or purple at first before gradually fading to a silvery-white colour. They usually occur on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, upper arms, shoulders, and breasts. Stretch marks are generally associated with pregnancy and obesity.

    Depending on the genetic tendency and skin-repairing potential, intensity and extent of stretch marks varies between individuals. Both genders are affected with slight female preponderance. Stretch marks occur because of permanent rupture of skin dermal fibres, collagen and elastic. Stop expecting that they would disappear on their own; it requires treatment to fade them away.

    Stretch Marks Removal Procedure Explained By Dermatologist

    Oliva offers advanced treatments for stretch mark removal. Check out the details on our procedures and gain deeper insights into how the treatment proceeds, under an expert dermatologist.

    Stretch marks treatment Before - Neelima @olivaclinicStretch marks treatment After - Neelima @olivaclinic

    *Images are from real clients, and results can be subjective

    Before & After Results Of Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

    Check out real images of our clients before and after the sessions of stretch removal treatment at Oliva.

    Stretch marks treatment Before - Neelima @olivaclinicStretch marks treatment After - Neelima @olivaclinic

    Treatment results may vary from person to person

    • Stretch marks treatment After - Neelima @olivaclinic

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