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No hidden charges

The best part about Oliva is that there are no hidden charges as they are very transparent about the costing. The packages they have for the Laser hair removal for arms in my opinion is worth it and is very justified.
Reviewed us for : Laser Hair Removal

Must visit for laser hair removal

If you are in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad and are looking for hair removal clinic, Oliva is a must visit. The latest equipment and the best doctors complement each other in a very good manner. The staff is very professional and the laser hair removal was done within no time, with no side effects at all. It was worth the visit.
Reviewed us for : Laser Hair Removal

Kind doctors and cordial staff

The doctors at oliva are very kind and very soft spoken. They have a very cordial staff and the latest equipment for hair removal.
Reviewed us for : Laser Hair Removal

Very pleasant experience

Oliva is one of the best skin clinic for laser hair removal treatment. I went for underarm laser hair removal and it was a very pleasant experience. They have a very cordial staff and Dr. Sanky Divya made sure that I was comfortable during the procedure. The clinic is very clinic. Good job guys.
Reviewed us for : Laser Hair Removal
Wasif Ali

Best doctor for lhr

The laser hair removal treatment at Oliva might look an easy one but it takes precision to conduct it. Dr. Ramya at Oliva clinic is the best for this treatment in my opinion.
Reviewed us for : Laser Hair Removal

Satisfied with the service

My honest suggestion to you would be to not visit Oliva clinic without any prior appointment, especially on a weekend. There is always a rush and without any prior appointment. All the time invested was worth after I got clarity on the treatment and how it would affect my skin. The clinic is super clean and the ambience is also very welcoming.
Reviewed us for : Laser Hair Removal
Shaik Mobeena

Treatment with no side effects

Post the skin lightening treatment, I was worried about the side- effect but Dr. Meghana assured me that nothing would happen. I am really satisfied with the treatment I got.
Reviewed us for : Pigmentation Treatment

Great consultation experience

The interaction with the doctors regarding the laser toning went really well. They are ready to answer any doubts that you have regarding the treatment and gave me a glimpse of how the treatment would work. They set real timelines which in still more confidence in the process and in the staff. The technicians are very cordial and answer every query you might have.
Reviewed us for : Pigmentation Treatment

Got laser toning for sun tan

The doctor was super nice with me and provided me some post treatment tips to increase the longevity of the laser toning treatment I got for my sun tan. The way the front desk manages all the appointments is very commendable, also everyone is cordial. One can always trust Oliva as a brand as they have set high standards in the market.
Reviewed us for : Pigmentation Treatment

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