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Amazing Services

Visited the Oliva Clinic in Alwarpet for an underarm hair removal procedure. Went ahead with their laser hair removal treatment and so far the results have been satisfactory. The staff and the dermatologist are friendly, experienced, and cooperative. The quality of equipment and the thoroughness of the evaluation are 100%.  Ideal for cautious types who are careful about what they put on their skin.  
Reviewed us for : Laser Hair Removal
Greeshma rani

Love the Results

My neighbour who had taken treatment from Oliva Clinic Alwarpet and got excellent results advised me to consult them once for my hair problem. I consulted the dermato trichologist who did a detailed scalp analysis and told me to undergo PRP hair treatment. I started my PRP sessions, and by the 4th session, I noticed that my hair started to regrow and hair fall had completely stopped.  I just loved the results and highly recommended this clinic to anyone looking for a PRP hair treatment.  
Reviewed us for : PRP Hair Loss Treatment
Rajshekar Goud

The solution for Blackheads

I was suffering from an acne problem for quite a while. My face was full of black heads, and acne had got the better of my confidence. I heard that the Oliva Skin and Hair clinic Alwarpet has the best dermatologist so I decided to go and consult them. I am happy that I consulted this clinic as the treatment plan suggested to me has done wonders for my face! It is indeed a permanent solution! Thank you so much, Oliva! Kudos to your ever helpful and friendly staff as well!  
Reviewed us for : Pimple Treatment
NavJeevan Kumar

Experienced & Professional Dermatologist

I went to Oliva Clinic Alwarpet for scar removal treatment. Was glad to see the dermatologist was experienced and involved throughout the treatment as well as after.  I was pleased to see the results of my treatment were exactly as it was explained by the doctor during my consultation. Great job Oliva!  
Reviewed us for : Acne Scar Treatment
Aasma Farooq

Permanent Hair Removal Treatment

Booked an appointment with the skin specialist at Oliva Clinic Alwarpet for laser treatment–hair removal. Had heard a lot about their painless technology and wanted to give it a shot. Results have been truly extraordinary! I am impressed with the clinic’s ambience, hygiene and welcoming environment. Even the supporting therapists are well-versed with the details and care instructions — It is an ideal clinic for those who are looking for a permanent solution for their unwanted hair.  
Reviewed us for : Laser Hair Removal
Shravya Shubam

Best PRP Treatment Clinic

I am very happy with Oliva Clinic Alwarpet, which I had visited to get a PRP treatment for hair fall. I consulted their best dermatologist there who assured me that I would be able to successfully improve my hair volume and reduce the amount of hair fall. Apart from the experienced dermatologist, the staff, clinic’s cleanliness, explanation of the procedure and pre- and post-care instructions, etc., will make your experience a truly successful one!  
Reviewed us for : PRP Hair Loss Treatment
Ramakrishna Raju

Excellent Clinic

Had a wonderful experience with the service, staff, and dermatologist at the Oliva Clinic Alwarpet. The ambience, hospitality and of course the treatment is excellent. I’ve had severe acne for a long time, and I had lost all hope, but Oliva helped me. The treatment has boosted my confidence. My journey with them started seven months back and now in the last leg. The best skin clinic in Alwarpet! Thank you, Oliva.  
Reviewed us for : Pimple Treatment
Bhasker Reddy

Scar-free Skin

I have been taking treatment for pimple marks at Oliva Clinic Alwarpet for the past three months. There has been a huge difference, and I my skin is almost scar-free now thanks to efforts of the skin specialist as well as the staff. I feel this is the best clinic in Chennai, and I will surely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a clinic to get rid of their skin problems.  
Reviewed us for : Acne Scar Treatment
Chandru Dikshith

Best Skin Doctors

When it comes to finding the best dermatologist and the best clinic in Chennai, then the answer is Oliva Clinic in Alwarpet! A great place for getting rid of your dull skin through skin lightening treatment. Apart from the successful results, I was also impressed by the ambience of the clinic, the safety ensured, protocols followed, etc.
Reviewed us for : Skin Lightening Treatment
Vidhya Dharan

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