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Excellent service PRP hair loss treatment..
hamida khanum
Reviewed us for : Hair Fall Treatment
hamida khanum


PRP HAIR treatment is very good.slowly i getting improvement
Reviewed us for : Hair Fall Treatment

Very polite doctor

I would like to thank Dr. Debatri. She is a very polite doctor working at Oliva Clinic located in Salt Lake. She had done my laser toning treatment. The process was painless and I would recommend Oliva to everyone.
Reviewed us for : Dull Skin Treatment
Sayan Dutta

Really happy with Oliva’s care

I am very pleased with how my skin looks and feels after having chemical peel done by Oliva. Melasma was bothering me, but topical medicine and chemical peel therapy helped. I’m also really happy with the procedure’s cost-effectiveness.
Reviewed us for : Pigmentation Treatment In Kolkata

Staff is very cooperative

Useful information given by Dr Lavina about dark spots and their management in my recent consultation with her. I am really looking forward to great results from Oliva’s laser treatment to revitalize my dull complexion.
Reviewed us for : Dull Skin Treatment

I have a scar-free skin now

The laser treatment for scars has done wonders for me and now I have a scar-free skin. All thanks to the Oliva skin clinic.
Reviewed us for : Acne Scar Treatment In Kolkata

Post-treatment support is amazing

I highly recommend Oliva for dull skin treatment. Dr Nikhita is best at her job and her pre and post-treatment support are very extensive. This has helped me get optimum results out of the treatment as well as maintain them for the long run without any allied skin damage.
Reviewed us for : Dull Skin Treatment

Latest advanced technology treatments

To be honest, I found the prices to be a little high at Oliva but when I compared them to the market, I found the prices to be standard only. The best part is that no side effects followed because of the advanced technology used by them. Thanks a lot.
Reviewed us for : Acne Scar Treatment In Pune

Suggested a simple approach which works

Dr. Reeja Mariam George is an expert to be honest. I met her at Oliva Clinic in Park Street, Kolkata. She is very friendly and understanding. She analyzed my stretch marks concern and suggested a simple approach which worked well for me. I am satisfied with the results that I got in 6 sessions of laser treatment.
Reviewed us for : Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

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