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Best Hair Clinic In The City

I visited the Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic for a PRP hair treatment. Completely satisfied with the results and change in my hair growth. The hair clinic has a good, professional, and experienced team of doctors. The advice given was completely relevant and useful. I would recommend their Secunderabad clinic for anybody who is suffering from balding and hair fall issues.
Reviewed us for : PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss

I’m Shaun Sausman, today i meet Dr. Manoj at Oliva Kormangala. He was very kind and helpful, three cheers to him.
Bhagya Sausman
Reviewed us for : PRP Hair Loss Treatment
Bhagya Sausman

Best Clinic for PRP Treatment

Hi, I got PRP treatment for hair regrowth done at the Oliva Clinic Gachibowli. I want to thank the hair doctor who took excellent care of my hair loss problem and me. PRP is a perfect treatment for hair fall, and along with medications, I saw outstanding results. The procedure is very safe, and now I see a remarkable difference in my hair’s texture and volume. Thank you, Oliva!
Reviewed us for : PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Amazing Services and Great Results

I wanted to get rid of the unwanted hair on my face. I was looking for a reliable skin clinic, and I visited Oliva clinic at Gachibowli due to a friend’s suggestion. It is one of my best decisions so far! The skin doctors here are very helpful; based on their recommendation I underwent the facial laser hair removal treatment. I was delighted with the amazing service and great results! Trust me. You’ll love Oliva Clinic Gachibowli😍😁 😎 I would definitely recommend Oliva for skin and hair related treatments!! 😎
Reviewed us for : Laser Hair Removal
Heena Sethi

Remarkable Difference

I had pigmentation on my face and visited Oliva Clinic situated in Secunderabad based on my friend’s recommendation. The dermatologist suggested me to go for a skin lightening treatment. I have been taking this treatment for some time now, and I am happy to see a remarkable difference in my skin tone. I would like to thank my dermatologist as well as the staff for taking such good care and giving me best results.
Reviewed us for : Pigmentation Treatment

Thanks To Oliva Clinic

I went to Oliva clinic, Secunderabad for my scar problem. I was not only impressed by the positive results of my treatment but also by the experience of the skin specialist and the professionalism of the support staff. Post-treatment, I could see a remarkable difference in my skin texture. I am happy to recommend Oliva to all my friends and family.
Reviewed us for : Acne Scar Treatment

Effective Scar Treatment

I went to the Oliva Skin and Hair Clinic, Kukatpally to undergo a pixel treatment for my acne scars. I was very impressed by the experienced dermatologist and other staff members. After completing all my sessions, I now see a reduction in my acne and scars. Oliva is the best skin clinic for scar removal.
Reviewed us for : Laser Hair Removal
Sandeep Ani

Excellent Treatment

I have taken treatment for pimples at Oliva clinic. I am very much satisfied with services provided. I started seeing the result as soon as I got done with the first session. Doctors and staff are very friendly.
Swarupa A
Reviewed us for : Acne Scar Treatment
Swarupa A

Best Hair Clinic in Gachibowli

I visited Oliva skin and hair Clinic Gachibowli for PRP hair treatment. Super impressed by the experienced dermatologist as well as the staff. Nice ambience and result-oriented treatments. I have currently completed three sessions, and I can see positive results in terms of hair growth, reduction in hair loss and improvement in hair volume. I will recommend this clinic for PRP hair treatment to all my friends and family!
Reviewed us for : PRP Hair Loss Treatment
Pushkar Pratap

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