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Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic - a medico aesthetic clinic and home to qualified cosmetic dermatologists and trichologists who deliver real results for all skin, hair and body cosmetic concerns.Oliva Clinics is proud to be called as the one-stop shop for hair and skin care in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

Laser Hair Removal

You have hair at unwanted places and the embarrassment it causes cannot be explained in words, what do you do about it?

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PRP for Hair Loss

The urge to look good and healthy is something all of you want. A key component for that is the quantity of hair atop your head.

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Pimple Treatment

Acne or pimples or zits is usually seen during the teens and even among 5% of older adults. This is one of the Conditions that affects your phyche.

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Scar Treatment

Who would not like to have a bright and beautiful face brimming with confidence and self-esteem. Scars are trails left behind by pimples.

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Anti Aging Services

The law of nature is something, we as humans cannot go against and aging is one among those challenges. But there are measures which allow to reverse.

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Moles Removal Treatment

Moles are medically known as nevi and they are basically a cluster of pigmented cells which are seen on the skin as black or brown spots.

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A clinic and a Team of doctors who understand beauty

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Client Reviews

  • In my smooth moving fashion designing career pimples and red marks were like black marks on my personality, my self esteem had sink to the rock bottom but thanks to Dr. Rajetha and the Combination of peels and pixel treatments done by her my pimples and marks have virtually disappeared.

    Sneha, Fashion Designer
  • Today I am feeling happy to be Miss fresher in my college, but had this been 6 months back I would have never won this…. Thanks to Dr. Rekha I love you… you are the best Doctor

    Preeti, college student
  • In my profession though good looks do not matter but in my personal life I always felt that when I get up in the morning my first face wash should be smooth, but with the huge and bumpy pimples I never had a Good Morning, but thanks to Dr. Rajtha who has given me a treatment which reduced the pimples to an great extent the best is yet to come…

    Ramesh, Civil engineer
  • My Daughter is 18 years old. Seven years of constant pimples and marks were taking a heavy toll on her confidence. This was when I heard about Oliva from my friend and went there along with my daughter. Four months into treatment the pimples and marks have totally disappeared. Just feel bad why I had not done my research about a good center earlier.

    Mrs. Saritha, Home Maker