Skin Tightening Treatment

With age comes wisdom and so does the loose and saggy skin. The loss of young, firm, toned, and tightened skin is something that we miss as we age. What if we could have all the wisdom without the age showing on our face and skin? Yes, now it’s possible with Intragen – the next generation skin tightening treatment at Oliva Clinics.

Oliva Clinics has taken yet another step in bringing you the best and is delighted to offer Intragen, the latest and most advanced Radio frequency technology . Your worries about loose skin on face, sagging skin, drooping eyelids, folds around the nose and neck can now rest in peace. The USFDA approved mono polar RF technology in Intragen is an absolutely safe procedure which brings back your youthful firm skin and gives the perfect contour to your jaw line.

Signs of Loose & Saggy Skin
RF for Skin Tightening
Intragen for Face Skin Tightening
Intragen for Neck Skin Tightening
Benefits of Skin Tightening
Intragen Advantage
Skin Tightening Treatment at Oliva Clinics
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Frequently Asked Questions on Skin Tightening

Is it safe?
How long does the treatment take?
What areas can be treated with Intragen skin tightening?
Do I need to take leaves and rest for a while?
How does the Intragen RF skin tightening treatment actually feel?
Can Intragen be used on the sensitive skin around the eyes?
Are there any post care requirements?
Will it look artificial?
I have already done fillers; can I go for this treatment?

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At The Harley Medical Group a significant number of our Laser Hair Removal patient are men – including Olympians gymnast Louis Smith and diver Pete Waterfield. The most popular treatment areas are the neck, chest and back.