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    Acne Treatment In Pune: Cost, Procedure & Results

    Acne or pimples are a significant cause of aesthetic concern as they adversely affect your skin texture, tone and appearance. They occur due to excess oil production and a build-up of dirt, dead cells and bacteria that cause clogging of pores. Seeking timely customised acne treatment based on the root cause and severity of your skin condition from the best dermatologists at a reputed skin clinic near you is critical to minimise recurrence and acne scars.

    Here is all you need to know about the best acne treatment in Pune performed by top dermatologists.

    types of acne/pimples

    Acne Treatment Procedure Explained By Dermatologist

    Watch this video to learn about the advanced treatment options available at Oliva based on your unique skin needs and type, grade and severity of acne.

    Acne treatment Before - Saravana @olivaclinicAcne treatment After - Saravana @olivaclinic

    *Images are from real clients, and results can be subjective

    Before & After Results Of Acne Treatment

    Here are images of real clients who opted for acne treatment at Oliva.

    Acne treatment Before - Saravana @olivaclinicAcne treatment After - Saravana @olivaclinic

    Treatment results may vary from person to person

    • Acne treatment After - Saravana @olivaclinic
    • Acne treatment After - Manmeikim @olivaclinic
    • Acne treatment After - Madhav @olivaclinic


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