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Permanent Tattoo Removal Treatment

Advanced Solution for Unwanted Tattoos – 100% Safe & Cost-effective

Tattoo removal methods are extremely painful and ineffective but with the advent of laser technology we have a painless, permanent and effective way of getting rid of our mistakes. Another method is excision, where the tattoo would be cut away and the skin sewn back together.

The new-age laser techniques are a ‘class-apart’ in erasing them with little risk of scarring. The Nd:YAG laser from Alma Inc, Israel, used at Oliva emits an intense beam of light to remove the tattoo without harming the healthy skin cells in the vicinity. The laser light breaks the tattoo ink particles into tiny fragments which are then washed out through the body’s natural cleansing mechanism. This causes the tattoo to fade out or be removed. The whole cleansing process generally takes several weeks.

Oliva’s laser procedure is done both for –

  • Professional tattoos
  • Home-made tattoos
tattoo removal process
before and after results of tattoo removalbefore and after results of tattoo removal

*Images are from real clients, and results can be subjective

Before & After Results Of Tattoo Removal Treatment

Check out real images of our clients before and after the sessions of tattoo removal treatment at Oliva.

before and after results of tattoo removalbefore and after results of tattoo removal

Treatment results may vary from person to person

  • before and after results of tattoo removal

Client Reviews

Read below what our esteemed clients have to say about us and what makes us the premier provider of skin and hair care services.

Why Oliva

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Frequently Asked Questions on Tattoo Removal Treatment

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