Hair Loss Calculator


  • Get a detailed analysis of your hair loss condition!
  • Identify the exact stage of your hair fall now!
  • Early diagnosis of hair thinning helps prevent balding!

hair loss calculator

Are you going bald? What are the chances of getting bald is a question that haunts all of us every time we notice acute hair fall or hair thinning.

Several hair experts online can give you a deluge of advice, but the fundamental step to addressing your “mane” concern is to identify the severity of your hair fall.

Have you wondered how a balding calculator can help in assessing your hair loss condition? Well, fret no more! Expert dermatologists at Oliva Clinic, brain-stormed and conceptualised this hair loss calculator based on their rich experience in analysing case studies and delivering outstanding clinical results!

So if you are wondering how to use this calculator? It’s super simple! Go right ahead and answer the questionnaire here to identify the exact stage of hair loss you are facing; not just that you can also learn about the apt hair treatment options for you. Why wait until tomorrow? Arrest hair fall now!


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