How To Remove Sun Tan From Face And Body Parts? - Treatment & Cost

How To Remove Sun Tan From Face And Body Parts Instantly?

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Sun tanning is a common skin problem that all individuals face and think that they have to live with it. However, having tanned skin as a ‘forever problem’ is not true anymore. This article will throw light on the fact that skin tan can be easily dealt with.

What Is Tan?

Tan is the process of an increase in the skin pigment called melanin due to sun exposure. Sunless tanning may happen due to artificial skin tanning treatment, such as the use of a tanning lamp found in tanning beds. It causes darkening of the skin on different body parts like face, arms, forehead, feet and neck.

What Is The Science Behind Tanning?

Tanned skin is caused due to continuous exposure to the sun. Sunrays consist of two types of ultraviolet rays – UVA and UVB. The UVB rays burn the skin and the UVA rays darken the skin. The UVA rays penetrate the lower layers of the epidermis and stimulate the melanocytes into producing more melanin that causes skin to tan. Melanin production is the skins natural procedure to prevent a sunburn.

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Should You Be Worried For This?

Tanning is a sign of damaged and unhealthy skin. The most common symptoms of skin tanning are darkened skin colour, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, dullness and signs of ageing. While the symptoms of tanning are visible on the whole body, certain areas like the forehead, face, neck, hands and the lower leg are most affected. If left untreated this concern removal becomes difficult.

What Can You Do For Tanning?

Sun exposure is common for every Indian irrespective of their age and gender. While it is a popular belief that tanning is an irreversible condition, there are several products, treatments and solutions to reduce dark and tanned skin. Any method aims to remove the dead cells clogging the pores and allows the skin to breathe freely. It gives a uniform tone to the skin and reduces the effects of ageing. It also improves your confidence as a result.

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How To Remove Sun Tan?

Reducing tanning is a common requirement among individuals as tanned skin generally looks lifeless and blotchy. There are various tan removal treatments, products (creams, face pack, bleach and wax), and home remedies available:

Sun Tan Removal Treatments:

  • Laser toning Lasers treatments are one the best ways to remove tan. It uses non-invasive light treatment to repair and regenerate skin cells. This treatment does not require any surgery, and the tan is almost immediately removed. In this procedure, Q-Switched Nd YAG laser is used to remove pigmentation, sun tan, sun spots, dark marks etc. Also, this helps in improving the appearance of fine lines and open pores. It is hardly associated with any downtime thus making it a lunch hour procedure in the modern day schedule. It helps aesthetically by reducing dark skin from the forehead and neck. In addition to the face, this procedure can help remove old sun tan from the hands and legs.
  • Chemical Peels – Peels help in the quick exfoliation and regeneration of skin cells by removing dark and tanned skin layers. This procedure is performed at a skin clinic under the supervision of a trained dermatologist. Based on your skin type, a peeling agent is selected to ensure you secure optimum results from the treatment. Some of the common peels that are used are Salicylic PeelGlycolic Peel, and Lactic Peel. Usually, chemical peeling is used to remove the tanned skin from the face, forehead and neck region.

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  • Microdermabrasion – This is an exfoliation treatment for reducing tanned skin. It removes the tan, dead cells, and debris from the skin’s surface. It also stimulates collagen growth and opens clogged pores. The crystals that are applied with the microdermabrasion tip create a vacuum and suction effect. This allows for deeper exfoliation that is not possible using regular scrubs. It treats skin problems like dull skin, pigmentation, brown spots, and age spots. This procedure is non-invasive in nature and is gentle on the skin. This method is quite useful for deep tan removal from the face, forehead, hands and feet.

Tan Removal Treatment Benefits

  • These treatments are administered by trained dermatologists.
  • There are no risks and side effects of the tan removal treatment.
  • Since the treatment is customized for your skin requirement, you get quick and effective results.
  • The treatments are effective in removing old and deep sun tan.
  • With proper skin maintenance, you can enjoy the results for an extended period of time.

Alternative Methods To Remove Sun Tan

Here are some alternative sun tan removal solutions:

  • Tan Removal Creams – There are various sun tan removal creams and bleaches available in the market. Sadly, they serve as a short-term solution. These creams do not treat the lower skin layers, and the skin tan is hardly ever removed.
  • Face Pack, Wax and Face Wash – You can get different face packs and face washes to remove skin tanning. However, just like the creams, their effect is short lived and despite all the claims of deep cleansing, they hardly do so. A face wash or face pack can only affect the outer layer of skin.
  • Home Remedies – There are many who advocate applying home remedies or “do it yourself” based solutions made from ingredients like yogurt, milk, turmeric, lemon juice, cucumber etc. However, the effectiveness of natural remedies to remove sun tan is yet to be proven. Additionally, any home remedies based solution can bring temporary results.

Some of the common side effects of these alternative methods might be a burning sensation, skin irritation and skin allergies. After a period of lightening, the original pigmentation usually returns and sometimes in patches making it difficult to treat the area.

Tan Removal Treatment Cost In India

The average cost of a sun tan removal treatment in India varies between Rs. 1,500 – Rs. 3,000 per session for chemical peeling and Rs. 4,000 – Rs. 10,000 per session for laser treatment. A tan removal product or cream can cost you between Rs. 100 to Rs. 3,000. However, the price of the procedure varies on individual skin types, areas of tan on the body, the strength of tanning and experience of the dermatologist.

How Are The Before And After Results?

With chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser toning, the dead skin layer is removed paving way to a healthier and tan free skin. The skin texture improves and the original color of the skin is restored.

How To Prevent Sun Tanning?

Prevention is better than  cure. It is best to apply a sunscreen lotion with a SPF higher than 30 to prevent tanning. The right quantity of lotion to be applied is equally important to reap the benefits of the sunscreen. Do not forget to reapply the sunscreen every three hours if you are continuously exposed to the sun. Avoid going outdoors during peak hours of sunlight, which is generally between 10.00 am to 3.00 pm in India. It may seem a little out of fashion, but it is best to wear clothes that cover most of your skin to avoid tanning.

Today, tan removal treatments have gained a lot of popularity. Among these, the safe and instant results seen with cosmetic treatments have made them winners. Their extra benefits like skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, and improved healing are making more people opt for them. It is best that you go to a good skin clinic when opting for such treatments. Do your research well and pick the best!

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