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Treatment For Acne Scars And Pimple Marks

Complete Solution to Reduce Pimple Marks and Get Spotless Skin!

Everyone wants to have a bright face, brimming with confidence and self-esteem. However, one glance at the mirror may bring it down if you have a skin with pimples, pits or scars. Scars are trails left behind by pimples. Pimples are rather mysterious as you never really know when the next one pops up to leave a blemish or a pit on your face. Pimples and subsequent scars are a very common concern among teens and young adults.

Acne is caused by excessive natural oil (sebum) that gets deposited and trapped in the skin pores. This causes skin inflammation either with a blemish or a pit. If you have an oily skin, it would even more pronounced. Hormonal imbalance and above all, it is stress which can contribute to acne and scars.

There are different types of acne scars such as –

  • Rolling scars (with gently sloping edges)
  • Box scars (with sharp edges)
  • Ice-pick scars (deep pits which appear like large open pores)

A visit to Oliva would ensure you find the right treatment for it. We have a customized solution to your problem which is subsequent to an elaborate consultation and standardized assessment procedure.

The following are the different types of treatment procedures we offer –

types of scars and treatments

Acne Scar Removal Procedure Explained By Dermatologist

Oliva offers some of the most advanced treatments for pimple/ acne scar removal. Check out the details on our procedures and gain deeper insights into how the treatment proceeds under an expert dermatologist.

Before and after results of acne scar treatmentBefore and after results of acne scar treatment

*Images are from real clients, and results can be subjective

Before & After Results Of Acne Scar Treatment

Check out real images of our clients before and after the sessions of pimple/ acne scar removal treatment at Oliva.

Before and after results of acne scar treatmentBefore and after results of acne scar treatment

Treatment results may vary from person to person

  • Before and after results of acne scar treatment

Client Reviews

Read below what our esteemed clients have to say about us and what makes us the premier provider of skin and hair care services.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Acne Scar Removal Treatment

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