13 Natural Hair Growth Tips For Men & Women That Really Work

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13 Natural Hair Growth Tips For Men & Women That Really Work

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Natural Hair Growth Tips

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Beauty ideals are subjective, but few people are unimpressed by long, lustrous and healthy hair. Fast and effective natural hair growth is a labour of patience, care, and a bit of support from a dermatologist. Try as many hair growth treatments as you like, they will not yield results overnight. Hair grows at a slow pace and factors such as pollution, dust, and adulterated hair products do nothing to help.

If you are trying to achieve that gorgeous mane of your dreams, this article will help you. We provide tips and tricks that have come straight from the top dermatologists in the country.

How Does Hair Loss Occur?

The below image depicts the characteristics of hair loss with men and women.

hair loss in menCharacteristics of Male Pattern Baldness. KNOW MORE

hair loss in women

Characteristics of Feamale Pattern Baldness. KNOW MORE

Is It Possible To Grow Hair?


Due to constant exposure to environmental factors, unhealthy hair care habits, stress, illness, scalp infections, and hectic lifestyles, men and women are losing hair faster than they are growing it. However, dermatologists believe, it is possible to combat the adverse effects of these factors by using the right treatments and inculcating healthy hair habits. If you are experiencing sudden hair loss or hair thinning, these tips can help.

However, if you have noticed abrupt or dramatic changes in your hair length or thickness, the first step to speed up the growth of hair is to seek the advice of a qualified dermatologist. He or she will be able to help you identify and address the underlying causes of your hair loss. A proper diagnosis will go a long way in reducing unwanted hair loss and the time spent on maintenance efforts. Only then will the following hair regrowth remedies have a chance to work.

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Natural Hair Growth Tips For Men And Women

If your hair is not growing fast enough, you will find these dermatologist-approved tips helpful. These tips stimulate hair for faster growth and deliver the desired results for both men and women–

  • Opt For A Balanced Diet – A balanced diet, including the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, supplemented with vitamins and minerals, helps to achieve healthy hair. Protein is an essential constituent of our hair strands, so give your diet an amino-acid boost to flaunt a healthy mane. Drink lots of water, to see an improvement in your skin and hair health.
  • Go For Hair Supplements – Daily supplements can encourage hair growth, and address existing hair loss concerns at the same time. Biotin is widely used to promote hair growth and renew hair follicles. Apart from that, Iron and vitamin B12 are essential nutrients for boosting your hair growth. Vitamin E supplements do wonders by reducing the oxidative stress on your scalp. On any day, using supplements with a dermatologist’s prescription is always better and safe.
  • Avoid Using Heat-Styling Tools – Give your hair a break from straighteners, curling irons, and hair dryers. Consistent exposure to heat damages the hair follicle and causes hair breakage.
  • Maintain Hair Hygiene – Keep your hair and scalp clean by using a mild shampoo. Be gentle while washing your hair, shower with lukewarm water and nourish with conditioners. Avoid wrapping wet hair in a towel for long hours at a time. Customise the frequency of hair wash depending on the oiliness of the scalp. Seek a dermatologist’s help for choosing the right shampoo and conditioner if needed.
  • Brush Your Hair – Brush your hair daily to spread the scalp’s natural oils evenly, throughout the length of the hair. Brushing prevents tangling of hair and breakage.
  • Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase – Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is the gentlest way to avoid tangling and further breakage of hair.
  • Avoid Opting For Chemical Treatments – Chemical treatments that change your hair’s structure and colour, like straightening, curling, bleaching and colouring, can damage your hair permanently and lead to hair loss. It is best to limit these treatments to help your hair preserve its natural bounce and longevity.
  • Use Hair Masks – Hair masks with natural ingredients are effective in repairing hair damage, nourishing the scalp, and strengthening growing hair from root to tip. They also help increase the rate of nutrient-absorption by increasing blood flow to the scalp. All this contributes to speedier and healthier hair growth.
  • Avoid Opting For Tight Hairstyles – Avoid using tight hair ties or ‘scrunchies’, hairbands and hairstyles that yank your hair harshly as these can damage your hair follicles.
  • Exercise Regularly– Many forms of workouts, including yoga, indirectly improve the supply of blood, nutrients and oxygen to the scalp and boost hair growth
  • Choose Hair Care Products Carefully – Choose hair care products according to your hair type, with gentle ingredients and avoid chemicals or scented products. If you are not sure, consult a dermatologist, to avoid going wrong with your hair care.
  • Trim Your Hair Often – Regular trims help to get rid of frayed and split ends, improving the appearance and quality of your hair. This habit also promotes faster hair growth.
  • Say Yes To Hair Treatments – Hair treatments such as PRP therapy and prescription medications, show visible results in men and women alike.
    # How Does PRP Therapy Help In Hair Regrowth:

Hair regrowth tips work best if you use them along with a good hair care routine. An increase in your vitamins and nutrients intake along with opting for hair protection treatments, go a long way in preventing hair fall and achieving consistent hair growth. However, as mentioned before, the above tips work best if you address the root cause of hair fall or slow growth, first. For safe and visible results, seek a consultation with a dermatologist before trying the above methods.

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