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How To Remove Unwanted Hair From Private Parts?

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Hair removal has been the most sought-after field for beauty enhancement. With the advent of sophisticated laser technology, smooth, soft and velvety skin is a prerogative for every woman now. Especially the options for grooming and hair removal from private parts is a boon. No more painful, dreadful and displeasing waxing or shaving schedules, as Brazilian laser hair removal is the way ahead.

How To Remove Hair From Private Parts? 

Brazilian laser hair removal is the best method to reduce hair growth permanently. In this procedure a focussed pulse of laser is used on the skin, targeting the hair follicles and rendering them ineffective for future hair growth. This method is effective for removing hair from private area like panty line along with the labia region. It is a preferred choice of getting rid of hair from the frontal region as well.

What Are The Benefits Of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

There are plenty of benefits of Brazilian laser hair removal. Let’s looks at some –

  • Regular maintenance is not required – With other forms of hair removal, consistent maintenance is necessary. With Brazilian laser hair removal, there will not be a need to remove pubic hair regularly.
  • Brazilian laser hair removal will not cause razor burn, ingrown hair or stubble – Waxing, shaving, depilatories, creams, etc. can cause several side effects that are absent with Brazilian laser hair removal.
  • It is less painful compared to waxing – This laser hair removal causes little to none pain. Although pain is subjective, many have observed that Brazilian laser hair removal doesn’t hurt and the pain is bearable.
  • It is permanent – This hair reduction procedure is permanent and constant.
  • It covers all areas – Missing a spot while removing pubic hair on your own can occur easily as it is difficult to see and manoeuvre while shaving the “down there” area.

Brazilian laser hair removal will remove hair thoroughly leaving your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

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Common Questions On Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Is It Popular In India?

Private part hair grooming is a pressing concern for Indians. Laser hair removal in this context comes as a convenient solution. Also, abundance of skin clinics offering this service has made it a popular choice for females of all age groups.

How Long Does Brazillian Laser Hair Removal Last? 

The holistic goal of this treatment is to reduce hair growth to a level, that it becomes virtually unrecognisable. Thus, a person can enjoy hairless private parts in long-term. However, most dermatologists advice to take maintenance sessions to ensure results stay life-long.

How Many Sessions Of Treatment Is Necessary?

Based on the cause of hair growth and coarseness of hair, the required number of sessions might vary from one person to another. However, somewhere between 6-8 sessions are prescribed by dermatologists as a full course of treatment.

Does Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

No, this procedure is an almost painless and comfortable one when compared to traditional methods like waxing and shaving. There is a slight tingling sensation and some force is felt at first.

How To Prepare For The Treatment?

For first timers, it starts with finding a reliable laser hair removal clinic. Before the treatment begins, a consultation with the dermatologist is mandatory. During the consultation, important details like medical history, skin type and hair type is accessed to ascertain if a person is suitable for this procedure. Some best practices to follow are –
1. Ask questions on expected results, level of pain, the durability of results and post-treatment support.
2. Review the before and after results of old clients from the clinic.
3. Follow the preparatory steps advised by the dermatologist.
4. Shave your private parts before undertaking the procedure..

What To Expect During The Procedure?

During the procedure, the dermatologist will pass a laser device on your private parts. While this is a painless procedure, you might experience a slight tingling sensation and a little bit of discomfort. The lasers will bring a warm sensation, but you will feel a cooling sensation by cooling device or gel. You must be prepared to spend an hour in the laser clinic. You might notice slight redness and swelling after the session, though dermatologist would advice suitable tips to subside this.

What Are The Before And After Results?

The hair fall does not happen instantly. You will see that happening in a few days post session. When hair regrows it’s lighter. Therefore, follow-up sessions ensure any further hair growth is reduced. You can see decent results after 3-4 sessions.

What Is The Average Cost Per Session? 

The Brazillian hair removal cost in India is between Rs.3,000 to Rs.5,500 per session. The number of sessions will depend on the client’s skin and hair texture/quality. Finer hair will take less number of session whereas coarser hair will need more sessions.

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Full Brazilian Vs. Regular Brazilian Packages

Now that you are aware of what Brazilian laser hair removal is all about, it’s time to discuss the types of laser hair removal packages available at skin clinics. You can choose from four different styles of Brazilians!

  • Brazilian with a unique custom design – You can ask for a special design in which the unwanted hair is removed to outline this unique design.
  • Brazilian with a triangle design – A small triangle of hair is left above your labia while the rest is removed.
  • Brazilian with a stripe – A thin strip of hair is left on the labia while the rest is removed.
  • Full Brazilian – All the hair in the private area is removed completely.

Other Temporary Methods For Private Parts Hair Removal

Women from decades have been resorting to traditional methods of hair removal from private areas, which are not just painful in the process but also leave behind tender cuts, wounds, ingrown hair and bumps. Some of these conventional methods include –

  1. Shaving – Single or multi-blade razors are available which can be used on the damp, wet or dry area. There are gels also available to ease the discomfort, and reduce pain from the burn, post the shaving process. Shaving does not work well on long hair so scissors must be used to cut them down first. It must be done in the direction of hair growth with gentle strokes. It is painful, time consuming and inefficient process as ingrown hair is not removed by shaving.
  2. Waxing – Strips or warm liquid wax can be used on the region of frontal line, since it is hot it is extremely dreadful and if an inexperienced person is administering the procedure, it can become a nightmare. It is very painful for the hair is pulled out using wax strips which can give rise to bikini bumps and rashes. Also chances of infection are high, since the pores are open for long.
  3. Tweezing – Even the thought of this process brings shivers, as every hair is removed from its root by tweezing. It may be used for selected hair and not an entire bikini or Brazilian line for it is impossible to proceed with so many hairs.
  4. Depilatory Creams – There are specially prepared depilatory creams for bikini line, and they have instructions mentioned for their usage. They use harsh chemicals and can discolour the skin of the private parts. They are time-consuming, as they are effective only for a few days or week.

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Pros And Cons Of Temporary Hair Removal Methods

Advantages –

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can be proceeded at home with caution
  • Last moment fix, as some of these methods can be done at the eleventh hour

Disadvantages –

  • Extremely painful procedures
  • Time-consuming as the hair grows back quickly
  • Can cause bikini bumps and blisters
  • Ineffective on ingrown hair
  • Infection and reactions are common
  • Discolouration and pigmentation can also result from traditional methods of hair removal
  • Costly if compared with long-term one-time or permanent solutions of hair removal.

Brazilian laser hair removal is the most effective and precise procedure which can be proceeded on almost everyone. Unlike traditional methods, it is not painful and gives long-lasting results if proper care and maintenance sessions are met with. In terms of cost also Brazilian laser hair removal is more effective over and above any traditional method if compared with long-term results. Consult with an expert dermatologist and get rid of displeasing and unwanted hair from your private parts, for that smooth and silky feeling.

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