All You Need to Know about PRP Hair Treatment

PRP Hair treatment also known by the name of Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is alike to facelift. While in facelift therapy, reduction in facial lines follow, prp therapy eventually helps in healthy growth of hair.

In PRP Hair Treatment a person’s own blood is used after centrifuging. In this method plasma with platelets collect in the tube and the same is thereafter  injected into the scalp. This can also be rubbed on the scalp.

Are you a Fit Case for PRP Hair Treatment?

If you are someone who has thinning hair or suffer from male pattern baldness, you are a fit case for the PRP therapy. In all the treatment will require you to have eight sittings at the hair treatment clinic. Each of these sittings should be spread across two to four weeks. PRP technique is also used in combination with some topical lotions and oral tablets mostly multivitamins and this is known to give visible results soon.

Benefits of PRP Treatment
A distinct advantage of Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is that results start to show up even when you are in the course of treatment. Essentially, you will notice increased hair volume after fourth sitting only. Some people shy away from this therapy as some blood loss is reported but the quantity of blood needed in each session is roughly equal to what we would expect to be taken for routine health check ups. Minimal discomfort and no downtime with visible results showing up in as less as four months time is why this technique for hair growth has been gaining popularity.

Do not delay undergoing prp hair therapy if you are looking for regrowth of your thinning hairs. This technique cannot be tried if you are totally bald and so it is advisable to undergo this hair growth technique well in time.


The cost which you will have to bear for undergoing this therapy varies as per the number of sessions required as also on the clinic’s profile.

PRP hair technique is slowly getting popular in India and numerous hair care clinics across the nation now offer the same. Go for it and see the difference it makes to your personality.




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