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    Are you looking to have thick and luscious hair like celebrities? Wondering how they never go bald? Well, the secret lies in hair transplantation. When hair restoration methods and everything else fails, there is still a treatment option that can help undo years of hair loss and bald patches. With recent advancements in implant technology, hair transplantation has emerged as a magical treatment to meet your expectations. In this article, we will learn about the advanced FUE hair transplantation treatment that helps in restoring a full head of hair permanently.

    What is FUE treatment?

    FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It is a revolutionary hair restoration procedure that involves the transplant of hair by taking individual hair follicles and implanting them on the bald areas of the head. This will result in the restoration of hair on bald patches and sparse areas making them look thick and fuller. FUE treatment is the successor of the traditional Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) technique. It is an advanced treatment that results in natural-looking hair using minimally invasive techniques.

    Benefits of FUE

    There are several benefits that led to the popularity of FUE over other hair restoration techniques.

    Below are the key benefits –

    • Convenient: FUE treatment is a convenient option for those who do not have time for elaborate surgical procedures. An average session lasts for about 2 hours and treatment is done over the course of days.
    • Minimally invasive: FUE is a minimally invasive procedure that does not involve major cuts or surgical incisions. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, and there is no need for stitches.
    • Precise: The treatment is precisely done using tiny grafts of hair and moving them to a new place without leaving any signs of extraction. The FUE treatment gives a natural-looking hairline with improved density.
    • Less downtime: This outpatient procedure is done in the clinic but you can go home after the treatment session and resume your daily activities without much interruption. Also, the transplanted area heals fully in about 15 days.
    • Effectiveness: It is a highly effective treatment that gives the expected results after a few sessions. You can expect about 90 to 100% of the transplanted hair to grow back naturally.
    • Permanent results: The treatment offers permanent restoration of your hairline and you can cut or style your hair as you desire.
    • Minimal discomfort: It is a virtually pain-free treatment as the surgeons use anaesthesia before the procedure. Every effort is made to ensure that the client has a comfortable session.

    The Procedure

    The treatment procedure starts with an initial consultation with the dermatologist to analyse hair loss and lay out a concrete plan for the treatment session. It starts by identifying both donor and transplantation areas. Once it is done, we will proceed to the next steps.

    1. The Preparation: Both the donor and transplantation areas will be prepared. This will be done by shaving both these areas.
    1. The Extraction: In this extraction stage, the dermatologist uses a high-end, automatic device for the extraction of follicles. This is done by making a couple of tiny incisions in the skin using a needle or sharp tool. The punch excision method ensures safe extraction.
    1. The Implantation: The last step involves the implantation of these extracted follicles. Using 1mm implanters, the dermatologist will insert the follicles into the incisions carefully. It is done precisely to ensure that there is no damage to the surrounding skin. The dermatologist will clean the area properly and dress it.

    Cost of FUE Hair Transplant Treatment

    The exact cost of FUE hair transplant treatment varies from individual to individual depending on the level of balding and the number of hair grafts required for transplantation. On average, FUE costs range from Rs 50,000 to 1,00,000.

    Targeted Areas for The Treatment

    FUE hair transplant treatments are commonly done on the scalp. But in some cases, they can also be done on areas such as beard, moustache, arms, legs, eyebrows, and more.

    Donor Area for FUE treatment

    The donor area is the area used to donate hair to the transplantation or the recipient area during the hair transplantation treatment. The most common donor area is typically on the back of your head with abundant hair follicles. It should be noted that taking hair follicles from the donor area does not have any effect on hair growth. Since hair follicles are extracted directly with precision, there is no need for sutures in the donor area. It will heal on its own completely in about 7 days or so.

    The Recovery & Safety

    The recovery process from FUE is very quick. FUE hair transplant scars on the donor area will normally get healed to normal in 7 days whereas the transplanted area heals in about 15 days.

    1. The First Few Days: In the first few days, you may feel slight discomfort as your skin is healing. It may feel a little painful as well which can be relieved using OTC painkillers.
    2. The First Few Weeks: After the first few weeks, you will notice that the donor and transplanted areas are both fully healed. Some may experience itching as well since the tissue is recovering.
    3. Sleeping Position: During the first few weeks, it is recommended to sleep on the back so that the transplanted area remains untouched. It is also recommended to sleep with your head slightly raised for about 7 to 10 days.
    4. Hair wash after the procedure: It is advised not to wash your hair and scalp for at least three days after the procedure.
    5. Shaving after Hair transplant: You can shave the donor area after one week after it gets healed. The transplanted area can be shaved after 1 month.
    6. Wearing hat: Wear hats only if your dermatologist recommends it. You might be provided a hat to protect your scalp from the sun.
    7. Physical activity: You can go for brisk walks immediately after hair transplantation. However, it is recommended to restore any strenuous physical activity after 10 to 15 days post-treatment session.
    8. Sun Exposure: It is recommended to stay away from direct sun exposure for at least 2 weeks after the treatment.

    What conditions does hair restoration/transplant surgery treat? 

    If you have hair thinning and bald patches, then you should go for the FUE hair transplantation treatment. However, the treatment works only when you have enough hair for a transplant. This treatment is ideal for both men and women suffering from male pattern and female pattern baldness. Since the treatment is ideal for hair restoration on the scalp, it can also help in restoring hair growth on areas such as eyebrows, beards, moustaches and areas that have patchy hair growth due to burns or trauma. Those with FUE hair transplant trypophobia should let the dermatologist know during the consultation before going for the treatment.

    The Results/Effectiveness of FUE treatment

    FUE treatment has a high success rate and results are visible in a few months. You will notice that new hair growth is thicker and fuller. Also, the newly transplanted hairs are more resilient to hair fall and patterned baldness. You have a natural-looking hairline that can be cut, styled or dyed.

    How to choose the best Surgeon? 

    Here is the checklist to consider before choosing the best surgeon for hair transplantation –

    • Choose a doctor by carefully checking the credentials. You want to make sure that you are putting yourself in the best hands.
    • Make sure that the surgeon is well-trained and experienced in hair transplantation. He should have good reputation in his field.
    • Pay attention to the clinic and ensure that they are equipped with the latest technology and tools for hair transplantation.
    • Make sure that the staff is friendly and understanding. They ensure that all the guidelines and protocols are duly followed.

     Why Oliva?

    Oliva offers state-of-the-art FUE hair transplantation treatment to ensure the best results. Here are the reasons why you should choose Oliva –

    • India’s leading brand offering advanced skin and hair care solutions
    • Over 3,00,000 customers and counting with a 91% satisfaction rate
    • A highly experienced team of experienced dermatological surgeons adept at performing hair transplantation safely
    • Focus on client safety and privacy of the treatment
    • Use of advanced technology and tools for hair transplantation at par with international standards
    • Premium, Teflon-coated devices to eliminate any risk of infection
    • Use of high-end tools for extraction and transplantation of hair follicles with precision


    The FUE hair transplantation treatment is an excellent option for those experiencing hair loss and thinning. It offers a permanent solution and helps restore not only your hair but also your confidence. It is a one-time investment that offers natural-looking results without any downtime. If you have tried every possible hair loss solution and didn’t get results, it is time to consider FUE hair transplantation treatment.

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