What Causes Jowls And How To Get Rid Of It?


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    Over the years, as we age, our body goes through a transformation. This transformation includes both; your mental strength as well as your physical appearance. The physical transformation can occur due to natural as well as unnatural reasons. One of the physical changes that appear as we age is jowls. Since we cannot reverse the process of aging, the next best alternative is to educate ourselves on how to deal with jowls, if and when they occur.

    What Are Jowls?

    You must have noticed that there is some excess and sagging skin hanging just below your jawline or chin. This excess hanging skin is referred to as jowls, and it is a physical attribute which is developed by everyone as they become older.

    These face jowls are generally harmless in nature, and the only reason why they become a cause of concern is because of cosmetic reasons. So if you are also one among those who are worried about their face jowls, then you are at the right place as we would be discussing how the face develops jowls, sagging jowls treatments, how to prevent sagging jowls, etc. But, before that, we would be focusing on the causes of jowls and how you can identify if you have a jowl or not.

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    What Are The Causes & Symptoms Of Jowls?

    Though aging is definitely the key reason why jowls appear, there are some more causes of jowls. Read on to find out what those causes are and what the symptoms of jowls are.

    • Genetics – Just like in various skin-related conditions, our genetics plays an important role even in the development of jowls. You might develop jowls if your parents have them too. Sometimes your jowl may not be very prominent or noticeable, but this is also determined based on your genes.
    • Lack of Sufficient Collagen and Elastin Both collagen and elastin are connective tissue proteins which help in maintaining the elasticity of your skin. So, when these two proteins are deficient, your skin surrounding the cheek area starts sagging and moves downwards around your mouth and chin. This happens because the skin has lost its tightness and firmness.

    Did you know that your lifestyle habits, as well as environmental elements, can also cause jowls? Below is a list of some of these causes –

    • Exposure To Sun The collagen present in our skin can be easily damaged due to the harsh UV rays of the sun.

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    • Weight Loss – We all are crazy about losing weight and achieving a fit and trim figure. What we miss out in the process of weight loss is that when you become thin, your previously stretched skin can end up sagging.
    • Smoking – There is a multitude of reasons why smoking should be avoided, and one of those reasons is that it negatively affects your skin’s collagen and elastin. Cigarettes contain nicotine which is responsible for this change. Also, smoking affects your blood vessels, making them narrow which hinders blood circulation.
    • Facial Expressions This may sound untrue to many of you, but it is a fact that your neck or face skin can stretch beyond its capacity because of certain repetitive facial expressions.
    • Technology – Our whole life now revolves around technology; be it mobile phones, tablets, laptops or computers. Constantly looking down to use these devices will loosen the skin around your neck resulting in jowls which is popularly being referred to as ‘tech neck’.

    The symptoms of jowls include sagging skin under your jawline, wrinkled skin which is also known as ‘turkey neck’, change in the definition of your face, and an extra layer of skin under your chin which resembles a double chin.

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    Treatments For Jowls

    You can opt for these non-surgical treatments for sagging jowls –

    • Dermal Fillers Give a facelift for jowls with the help of dermal fillers. Approach a certified dermatologist who can help you with this treatment. The sagging skin under your jawline can become firm and plump when a filler solution is injected into your skin, with the help of a fine needle. This will bring about a change in your appearance by toning and contouring your jowls.
    • Skin Peels Skin peels are an effective sagging jowls treatment as they help in stimulating the growth of new cells as well as collagen in the skin. This is done by exfoliating the skin with peels that contain active ingredients and naturally occurring acids. The end result is a firmer and clearer skin.

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    • Laser Resurfacing  Laser Skin Resurfacing is an advanced treatment which has slowly become a popular treatment method for skin rejuvenation. In this process, a laser beam consisting of thermal energy is used to ‘injure’ the skin so that it gives way for new skin to develop. The new skin is much firmer, wrinkle-free, and has lesser pores too.
    • Microneedling The concept of micro needling is same as laser resurfacing, but instead of using a laser beam, this procedure makes use of tiny needles that pierce your skin’s surface and improve collagen production.
    • Sculptra Sculptra consists of Poly-L-Lactic Acid which helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin by replacing the lost collagen. This acid is injected into the skin with the help of small injections of different thickness. Sculptra is also considered as a type of dermal filler.
    • Thread Lifts In this procedure, specialized surgical threads made of polylactic acid are used to provide a facelift for the jowls. These threads are instrumental in stimulating the production of collagen and smoothening out the fine lines and wrinkles.

    How To Prevent Sagging Jowls?

    The below tips and suggestions can help you in preventing the sagging jowls –

    • Keep the harsh UV rays from damaging your skin by applying a layer of sunscreen on your face as well as your neck before stepping out in the sun.
    • Say goodbye to all those cigarettes and stop smoking. This will not only reduce your face jowls, but also push you into the path of healthy living.
    • A well-balanced diet is the key to preventing sagging jowls. Also, a change in your lifestyle habits can be fruitful.

    Everybody preaches about aging with grace, but when that comes at the cost of your appearance, grace takes a back seat! Hence, it is a good practice to keep yourself aware of the various physical changes that can happen over the years, such as face jowls, and how to deal with them successfully.


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