Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal: Cost, Side Effects And Results

How To Remove Unwanted Hair From Upper Lip Permanently?

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You might be able to hide unwanted hair on your body, but when it comes to your face, it is tricky. Do not let unsightly hair growth take away the freshness and charm from your face. Especially the upper lips, as this is one of the most prominent areas on your face and it can ruin your looks to have thick and dark hair creeping from the upper lip. Let us understand the causes and treatments that can help us get that flawless beauty we dream for.

Causes Of Hair Growth On Upper Lip

Facial hair growth exists in every woman, but the intensity of growth varies. For some its genetic and for others it is due to hormonal fluxes, but some others may have a medical condition for the same. Hair growth on the upper lip has numerous causes –

  • Puberty – When puberty hits, hormonal changes take place in the body causing changes in hair growth in upper lip region.
  • Testosterone Levels  When there is an increase in testosterone levels in women, it causes the initiation of an increased hair growth pattern on entire body.
  • Diseases – Conditions like PCOS, thyroid problems, etc can trigger hair growth on the various areas of the body including upper lip.
  • Pregnancy – It is common to notice hair growth during pregnancy especially on the upper lip, due to the influx of hormonal changes at this time.
  • Aging – Hair growth progressively changes its direction as you age, it could be more or less.
  • Medications – Specific antibiotics and contraceptive pills cause a reaction in the body, which can cause facial hair growth.
  • Stress – This is an important factor, which takes a toll on everything; hampering both health and beauty; also stimulating increased body hair growth.

Hair Removal Methods For Upper Lip

Temporary Methods

The temporary methods for hair removal include shaving, hair removal creams, waxing, tweezing, threading, etc. All these methods can remove the hair from upper lip for a minimum of two weeks. It requires repetition on bi-weekly basis in order to maintain a hair-free look with these methods.

Permanent Methods

The standard for a permanent solution starts and stops with the laser hair removal treatment. There are various lasers that could be used in the permanent hair removal process, each having its distinct advantages. Laser hair removal is an effective solution directed toward facial hair that offers extremely long-lasting results. 

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Laser Hair Removal For Upper Lip

Laser Hair Removal for upper lip is the best option to reduce the hair growth in a few sessions and on an almost permanent basis. It also rules out the hassles of pain, as it is a quick session which has no downtime. The lasers used in cosmetic clinics remove hair, making your face look fresher and smoother than before. Laser technology for hair removal works on the principal of selective photothermolysis.

Process Of Laser Treatment For Upper Lip Hair Removal

The areas to be treated are shaved prior to the treatment, and an anesthetic cream may be applied to numb the tingling sensation. Both the patient and the doctor have to wear special glasses to keep eyes safe from the laser light. After a quick evaluation, the doctor will adjust the laser requirements and start the procedure by directing the beams of lights towards the treatment area.

How Many Treatment Sessions Are Required?

A series of 6-8 sessions are required on a normal basis. If the hair growth is abnormal, more sessions would be prescribed.

How Much Times Does It Take?

For the upper lip it takes relatively lesser time compared to other parts of the body. It takes about 15 minutes per session.

Does Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

The laser treatment has a slight tingling effect on skin, which is not a prolonged pain. The pain is negligible compared to waxing and tweezing.

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Is There Any Side Effect?

A few side effects exist which rarely occur, and even if they do, they could be treated in a fast and effective manner. Some side effects of laser hair removal are –

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Skin burn
  • Eye injuries if eyes aren’t protected with protective eyewear
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Numbness

Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Before And After

Before and after care would help in making the laser hair removal treatment more effective. Avoid all traditional hair removal methods like waxing, tweezing, plucking and parlour services at least 6 weeks prior to the LHR appointment. Shave a day ahead of your LHR. Apply suitable sunscreens, avoid tanning beds and perfumes and avoid parlour services. Follow up with the schedule and prescriptions given by your dermatologist.

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Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Cost

The average price of laser hair removal from upper lips varies between Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 4,000 per session. However, it is important to understand that depending on the severity of the hair growth, multiple sessions may be required to get rid of it completely. Hence, skin clinics usually offer laser treatments as a package consisting of the recommended number of sessions. As a package deal, the overall cost of the treatment will reduce.

In the long run, laser treatment for hair removal seems like the best option to get rid of unwanted upper lip hair. This effective treatment also turns out to be cost-effective and reduces the monthly parlor hassles forever.

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What Lasers Are Used For Upper Lips Hair Removal?

The four typical lasers that are commonly used are –
1. Ruby – The ideal laser for dark hair and a light skin combination. It produces a small beam of light; hence, the session takes a longer time compared to other lasers.
2. Alexandrite – The ideal laser for thick and coarse hair removal. It produces a long beam of light and reduces the discomfort that may be caused.
3. Nd:YAG – The most sought after laser, as it targets hair on every skin tone and offers their effective removal.
4. Diode – This safe laser removes the hair by protecting the skin tissues around.

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