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Secrets To Cure Acne From Your Face

cure acne

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    When it comes to acne, we all will agree on this – been there, done that! We had been acne victims in our teens, then came occasional bouts of acne as we grew up and if enough wasn’t enough, acne was back in our life as adult acne. But the story of acne doesn’t end here, it brings with it the most ferocious consequences – acne scars. Though this is another battle altogether.

    Coming to the acne or pimples, as we say it, this skin condition is closely tied with a number of factors. Let us first understand what exactly refers to an acne or pimple. The scientific name of this skin ailment is Acne vulgaris. There can be multiple reasons behind the formation of acne but most common reasons include – stress, hormonal imbalance, changes during puberty, irregular diet, lack of exercise, infections causing clogged pores, lifestyle changes, certain medications, pollution etc.

    Now that you understand the reasons behind acne formation, you will come one step closer to curing it and have acne-free skin. Let us delve right into the secret to getting a clear complexion. You must have a fair idea, by now, about how to avoid getting acne or pimples. What we are about to reveal are the best-kept secrets to being acne-free that will leave you with the most beautiful, nourished and healthy skin.

    The secret recipe to having clear, acne-free skin is a combination of a number of healthy habits and treatments. Getting rid of acne is possible by following these 5 essential steps, giving a special consideration to getting timely acne treatment. Here are the 5 steps that bring down your acne and work for each one of you out there –
    1. Dermatological treatments –
    You have heard about it – nip the evil in the bud. The same goes with acne. Get it treated by professional dermatologist as soon as you have it. Whether you have mild, moderate or severe acne, your dermatologist will treat it accordingly. The most popular acne treatment methods that work effectively include – topical creams or lotions, antibiotics, comedone extraction, acne control peels, light therapy and laser treatments. One small but significant tip is to avoid touching your face to remove oil (especially in summer) and most importantly never pop the pimples. Popping the pimples lead to more acne and scars, that’s a risk you certainly don’t want to take.

    2. Healthy diet –
    Most of the people don’t know the importance of ‘right diet’ in controlling acne. According to some studies, a balanced diet is the most crucial aspect in controlling acne from spreading further. About 80% of clear-skin recipe secret lies in eating a quality diet. Here are some of healthy dietary changes that can be incorporated to get rid of acne –
    1- Avoid processed foods such as refined flour, sugar etc. and meats
    2- Choose fermented dairy or lactose-free foods over regular ones
    3- Avoid indulging in sweets, instead have a fruit or smoothie
    4- Substitute sugar with honey
    5- Eat brown rice, brown bread and other fibre-rich foods that are great for skin
    6- Take foods that are good for digestion and detox with herbal tea, lemon water, turmeric etc.

    3. Good skin care habits –
    That goes without saying, good skin is a result of good skin care habits. You should always cater to your skin according to your skin type. A dermatologist will help you in determining the proper skin care regime as per your skin type. Invest in a gentle cleanser that is powerful enough to clean every bit of grime from your face. Make sure not to share your make-up products with anyone especially if someone around you has acne. Also, watch your facial products and make sure that they don’t clog the pores. They should be non-comedogenic, using water based and oil-free makeup products work wonders too. Make sure to go to bed only after removing all your make-up and moisturize your skin properly before you take that beauty sleep.

    4. Power of exercising –
    Tackling just the external causes for acne is not enough. The internal causes always contribute to stubborn and chronic acne. So make sure that you detoxify your body with mild exercises every day. Regular workout coupled with detox-diet will work wonder for your body and the results can be clearly seen on your skin with time. One thing you should never forget is to take shower and wash your face thoroughly post your workout session, to ensure acne doesn’t come unannounced.

    5. Managing stress and adopting healthy lifestyle habits –
    In this fast-moving world, we barely get time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We struggle with stress, unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep, alcohol, smoking etc. that ultimately impacts the skin and body. It even cause acne-breakouts and worsens them. Some unhealthy habits such as drinking and smoking, even if done in moderation, may lead to acne. It is important to take out time to meditate, eat wisely and exercise regularly to keep acne at bay.

    UPTO 50% Off on All Services
    UPTO 50% Off on All Services

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