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Ideal Clinic for Skin Lightening Treatment

I was unhappy with my dull skin and went ahead with the laser toning treatment at Oliva Clinic Gachibowli branch thanks to my sister’s recommendation. Every penny I spent here on my skin lightening procedure was worth it! I got tremendous results after a couple of sessions, and I’m happy with the dermatologist and the staffs. The place has excellent amenities. Keep up the good work, team Oliva👍
Reviewed us for : Gachibowli
Meghana Reddy

Result-oriented Acne Treatment

Hi, I have been taking treatment for cystic acne at the Oliva Clinic Gachibowli for the past one month. The skin specialist conducted a thorough investigation before customising my acne treatment. I have observed that my cystic acne is reducing slowly and steadily. I want to thank Oliva for helping me overcome my acne problem.
Reviewed us for : Pimple Treatment
Deepthi Divya

Satisfied With The Results

Five months back I visited Oliva Hair Clinic at Secunderabad for treating my hair problem. The lady dermatologist prescribed me to go for the PRP hair treatment. I was happy and satisfied with the results. After four sessions, my hair fall reduced, and hair volume increased. Appreciate the staff members who were very friendly and helpful.
Reviewed us for : PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Value for Money

I have been visiting the Oliva Clinic Gachibowli for my acne & acne scar removal treatment. The dermatologist here is highly experienced and has been a tremendous support to me. The laser treatment for scar reduction and creams prescribed are excellent, and my skin has improved a lot. The clinic has state of the art facilities, and the staff is very efficient and friendly as well. Overall, I would say that this clinic has made my skin much better!
Reviewed us for : Acne Scar Treatment
Shivani Paliwal

Long-Lasting Results

I visited the Oliva Clinic located in Kukatpally to get an armpit hair removal done. The skin specialist at the clinic was very professional. The ambience and the staff are also worth mentioning. I was delighted with my laser hair removal treatment. The doctor clearly explained all the pre- and post-care instructions to me. I am glad that I chose Oliva clinic to get rid of my underarm hair problem.
Reviewed us for : Laser Hair Removal
Maathangi Iyer

Had A Great Experience

I was referred to this clinic by one of my friends. I am happy with the PRP treatment that I underwent here. Overall, had a great experience in terms of the treatment’s success, staff’s behaviour, doctor’s advice, clinic’s ambience, and value for money.
Reviewed us for : PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Friendly & Helpful Staff

I went to Oliva Secunderabad for a tattoo removal treatment, and I am pleased to say that I got rid of my permanent tattoo. The skin specialists and staff are very friendly and helpful.
Reviewed us for : Tattoo Removal

Best Clinic for Tattoo Removal

I had an ugly tattoo on the back of my neck, which I wanted to remove. My friend told me to visit the Oliva Clinic in Gachibowli. I am happy that I followed my friend’s advice, as I was lucky to meet one of the best dermatologists in Hyderabad. He has successfully removed my unwanted tattoo like magic! The staff at the clinic were efficient; they gave me all the pre- and post-care instructions. They informed me in detail about the procedure and told me what to expect during and after each session of my laser treatment for tattoo removal....
Reviewed us for : Tattoo Removal
Abhi Hal

Safe & Result Oriented

I have been undertaking the PRP treatment for hair loss from the past three months. Noticed a huge improvement in my hair growth and saw a decrease in my hair fall. The dermatologist thoroughly answered all my questions and I felt I got complete value for my money. Very impressed by the hair clinic’s ambience as well as the care and safety standards. Thanks, Oliva!
Reviewed us for : PRP Hair Loss Treatment
Prakash Goud

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