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Oliva Skin and Hair Clinic – Reviews and Ratings

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Effective & Visible Results

I had a great experience at Oliva skin and hair clinic HSR Layout. The results of my pigmentation treatment are effective and very visible. I am happy with the treatment as I now no longer have to deal with pigmentation on face. The pigmentation cream prescribed is also helping in improving my sin and its appearance. Do visit this clinic if you are searching for the best skin doctor in HSR Layout.
Reviewed us for : Pigmentation treatment
Sarvanthi Gowda

    Knowledgeable & Experienced Dermatologist

    I was suffering from ice pick acne scars and was looking for the best skin doctor in HSR Layout. My friend suggested the Oliva skin and hair clinic HSR Layout as she had heard about their treatment for scars. I consulted their dermatologist who suggested the ice pick scars treatment. I have completed 2 sessions and have 4 more sessions to complete. I can already see a slight improvement in my skin and I am hoping that the end result will be awesome as well. I was very impressed by the dermatologist’s knowledge and experience and knew that I was...
    Reviewed us for : Acne Scar Treatment
    Rekha Adapa

      Courteous Staff

      I had pimples on my chin since a very long time. I tried different clinics but couldn’t find a permanent solution for it. Finally, I consulted Oliva skin and hair clinic HSR Layout, where I had gone for the pimple on chin treatment. I had to go for 4 sessions and by the end of my treatment, I was extremely happy to see that the pimple treatment was successful! The skin doctor also prescribed some creams that I need to use for a period of time. I cannot say how happy I was to see that I have finally got...
      Reviewed us for : Pimple Treatment
      Pallavi M

        Excellent Hair Clinic

        The place is nice with cooperative staff. The Oliva skin and hair clinic HSR Layout is much bigger and more spacious than other hair clinics. I was told that they have the best hair specialist in HSR Layout. Hence, I decided to consult them for my receding hairline and hair fall problem. I was asked to go for the PRP treatment for hair loss as it will not only reduce hair fall, but it is also an ideal hair regrowth treatment. I am very happy as the results are exactly as promised! Thank you so much, Oliva, for providing such...
        Reviewed us for : PRP Hair Loss Treatment
        Alok Kumar

          Painless Laser Treatment

          I am going for laser treatment for hair removal at Oliva skin and hair clinic in HSR Layout. My friend had suggested this clinic as she had also gone for a laser hair removal treatment, but for hands and legs. The dermatologist suggested this method, which uses a painless technology. I have completed two sessions, and already, I can see a difference. I have a couple more sessions to complete and am sure the results are going to be amazing! This is one of the best laser hair removal clinics in HSR Layout because their services and staff are really...
          Reviewed us for : Laser Hair Removal
          Pushpa Vani

            Acne Problem

            I had a beautiful experience in oliva clinic indiranagar. I was struggling from bad acne from so many year, then one day I saw an article regarding acne from oliva. Then I thought let me try if I can get any solution, then I contacted oliva. I started taking treatment from Dr. Swetha for acne control and her treatment gave me the best result. I can never imagine the changes I got after treatment, my skin become so smooth, beautiful and started glowing. I agree the session or procedure is quiet a long, but the end result is just mind...
            Yogitha S
            Reviewed us for : Pimple Treatment
            Yogitha S

              Visible & Remarkable Results

              It has been already 6 months from the time I started taking acne scar removal treatment at Oliva Clinic in Jayanagar. Can see a great reduction in the scars on my face, courtesy the pixel treatment for acne scars prescribed by the best skin specialist in Jayanagar. I strongly suggest this clinic to people who are looking for the best treatments for acne scars. Oliva is your best bet!
              Reviewed us for : Acne Scar Treatment
              Uday Kumar

                Effective Pimple Solutions

                The Oliva clinic in Jayanagar is just the perfect place for people who have acne prone skin and are in search of hard pimple treatments or other types of acne treatments. I wanted treatment for cystic acne, and since the best skin specialist in Jayanagar is available in this clinic, I booked an appointment here. I am very happy with the results of the treatment suggested by the skin doctor. The clinic’s ambience and friendly staff also make this place worth the visit.
                Reviewed us for : Pimple Treatment
                Ramya Vardhaini

                  World Class Hair Treatments

                  I’ve been taking PRP treatment for hair fall at Oliva Clinic in Jayanagar. After 5-6 sessions, I am able to see the results which were promised to me during the consultation. This hair loss treatment has effectively stopped hair loss. I am glad that I consulted this hair clinic in Jayanagar for my temple hair loss issue. Another plus point of this clinic is their courteous and helpful staff!
                  Reviewed us for : PRP Hair Loss Treatment
                  Guru Charan

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