Bumps On Scalp – Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

bumps on scalp

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    Bumps on scalp are very common, from tiny to large, these bumps can be painless or even painful. These can be under the skin or over the skull bone appearing as lumps which may cause itchiness and sores too. These are generally harmless but you must check with an expert to find the underlying conditions causing these bumps. Their treatment is simple and imperative as ignoring them for too long can affect hair growth and even cause hair loss.

    What Are Those Bumps On Scalp?

    While running your hands through your hair, you suddenly notice little bumps on the head. They may transform into tiny, itchy bumps on the scalp that cause discomfort and annoyance. Such bumps on scalp are very common, especially during summers. They can otherwise be referred to as scalp acne or scalp folliculitis. They develop due to hair follicles becoming plugged and turning into raised or inflamed bumps. Sometimes, itchy bumps on scalp can even be filled with liquid or pus. The liquid can be clear or yellow coloured, which is usually the case when the blocked follicles become infected.

    Symptoms Of Bumps On Scalp

    • Raised bumps that are round or oval in shape
    • Itchiness and irritation
    • Inflammation
    • Presence of pus (in some cases)
    • Painful to touch
    • Redness
    • Dryness and flaky scalp

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    What Causes Bumps On Scalp?

    Bumps on the scalp in the form of pimples or acne can be caused due to the following reasons –

    • Clogged hair follicles due to excess sebum (natural oil) production
    • Folliculitis
    • Keratinization
    • Dead skin cell build-up
    • Bacterial or fungal infection
    • Improper hair care and skin care routine
    • Product build up on scalp from hair sprays, hair gels, etc.
    • Ingrown hair
    • Seborrheic dermatitis
    • Head injury or trauma
    • Formation of cyst (pilar cyst, epidermal cyst)

    In rare cases, bumps on scalps are actually common warts that develop due to a viral infection.

    When To See A Doctor?

    Even after improving your hair care routine, the bumps on the head do not go away by themselves, it is advisable to see a doctor. Additionally, if these scalp rash bumps develop into pus-filled pimples from just little bumps on the head, medical intervention is required to treat them. Itching, inflammation, redness, and pain indicate an infection and a prescribed treatment by a doctor is the best way to deal with the problem before it develops into a painful infection.

    If you notice the colour of the bumps changing, change is size and shape or it is developing into a lump, consult a doctor immediately.

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    How To Treat Bumps On Scalp?

    To know how to get rid of hair bumps on scalp, it is important to consult an expert dermato-trichologist who can assess the severity of the problem and prescribe you suitable treatment options. These are the different treatments used to treat bumps on scalp –

    • Isotretinoin – A popular oral medication used for treating acne, can also prove to be beneficial in the treatment of skin bumps on scalp. Keratinization, dead skin cells build up, excess oil production, etc. can be brought under control with the help of this medication. The dosage is determined by the dermatologist to suit your age and needs.
    • Light Therapy – Phototherapy or light therapy is utilized to get rid of painful bumps on scalp under the skin that are not responding to other forms of treatment. The light energy kills the microorganisms causing the irritation and also helps to reduce excess oil production by the scalp.
    • Antibiotics – When the infection is evident, the doctor may prescribe the usage of topical and/or oral antibiotics. It is important to treat the infection to deal with the many symptoms of bumps on scalp or scalp folliculitis such as itchiness, pus formation, and inflammation.
    • Steroid Injections – This head bump treatment option neutralizes the inflammation and itchiness that can get unbearable in some cases.
    • Medicated Shampoos – Specially formulated hair and scalp cleansing products that often contain ingredients like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and benzoyl peroxide are prescribed by dermato-trichologists to thoroughly cleanse the scalp. These ingredients help to remove excess dead skin cells and also counter the bacterial or fungal infection to a certain extent.

    Scalp acne are a common occurrence and can easily transform into bumps on head that hurt when touched. These small bumps on scalp can also cause hair loss if not treated on time. Take preventive measures and seek the help of an expert dermato-trichologist. The scalp skin deserves your attention and should be taken care of with appropriate treatments at the earliest to avoid serious side effects.

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