Find Out What Are The Best Hair Care Trends For 2022

Top 3 Hair care trends for 2022

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    Do you know that you can flaunt your favourite hair colours without worry this year?
    We tell you how!
    Keep reading to find out about the top 3 haircare trends for 2022 that will help you wear your hair as you wish.

    Embracing Natural Hair:

    2022 is all about embracing your natural self and the same goes for your mane. Gone are the days when a certain hair type was considered unruly or unprofessional. Wearing your natural hair as it is while nourishing it as per its needs is the top hair care trend of 2022. Curly, wavy, silky straight or grey hair – all hair types will be in vogue this year.

    For example, experts are encouraging age-specific hair care, where instead of dyeing your grey hair black, you focus on nourishing it and sport healthy grey hair like a pro. While women with grey hair can try stylish haircuts, men can show off their salt and pepper look.
    To look your best in your natural hair while enhancing its health, you must follow the next trend!

    Customised Hair Care:

    To embrace your natural hair, you must first identify your hair type and its unique needs and take care of it accordingly. Each hair type is different and as the trend, this year is to celebrate diverse hair types for what they are, a holistic and customised hair care approach is crucial. It also helps to identify problems such as hair loss, balding, hair fall etc., and attend to them so that they don’t aggravate.

    How To Build A Customised Hair Care Regimen:

    • Find an expert dermato-trichologist, who will analyse your hair type, any existing, underlying causes that may be hampering your hair health and suggest hair care accordingly.
    • Hair care products are plenty in the market. Moreover, there is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet that can leave you confused. A dermato-trichologist will help you find what is best for your unique hair type. The products must nourish your scalp and your hair health.
    • Hair health also depends on your genetics, lifestyle, dietary habits, nutrition intake, and hormones. Hectic, stressful schedules leave little or no time to focus on these aspects, which are also crucial to maintaining your overall physical and emotional well-being. Further, as we age our body’s needs change too and an expert can offer the progressive and holistic support you may require.
    • Also, if you go through hair concerns, acute hair loss, for example, your dermato-trichologist can help identify that sooner rather than later. In most cases, early intervention is the only solution.


    In case of more severe hair concerns you can visit Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic, which is known for highly advanced skin and hair care solutions!

    ‘Skinification’ Of Hair:

    Skinfication of hair has a significant impact on your scalp and hair health and is another trend that is big in 2022.


    Skinification of hair must be attempted only under the supervision of an experienced and qualified dermato-trichologist.

    Some experts point out that we must care for our scalp as much as we do for our skin, as the scalp is nothing but an extension of our skin. Using skincare ingredients and related skincare products for your hair is called skinification of hair. The suitability of skincare products on your scalp can be determined only by an expert.

    Some Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair:

    • Trim your hair regularly. Follow a hair care regimen that is best suitable for your unique hair type.
    • Find appropriate products after consulting a dermato-trichologist.
    • Trendy hair colours are in and must be followed by the right hair care.
    • Eat nutritious meals and drink enough water. This will greatly improve your health and well-being.
    • Try to build an active lifestyle.


    Get a dermato-trichologist to keep a tab on your hair health and in case of acute hair loss. This is important, especially with the pandemic, as hair loss is an aftereffect of COVID-19. Not to forget, stress too is an important factor contributing to hair health.


    We trust that this article gives you all you need to know about the hair care trends for 2022. For any hair-related concerns, visit your nearest Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic.

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