How To Increase Your Hair Thickness?

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    The dream to have thick and voluminous hair cascading down your shoulders is not as difficult as it seems. You can increase hair thickness by just changing the way you manage your hair. As most of the time, the hair loses volume because of ignorance from our end.

    How To Get Thicker Hair? 

    If you really want thick hair, then practice few healthy habits that will certainly help you in your journey to nourished, thick and voluminous hair. Here are some excellent tips to get thick hair –

    1. Washing – Living in a hot, humid climate might make your hair dirty and greasy, but washing it every single day will damage it beyond repair. Every time you wash your hair, the hair gets stressed especially when it comes to scrubbing and combing. Wet hair is more prone to breakage and damage as compared to dry hair. Wash it 2-3 times a week, this will not only retain the volume but also improve its moisture content.
    2. Avoid Heating Tools – Heat will wreck the internal structure of your hair and cause more damage than anything else. When you use straighteners, curlers and hair dryers, you are exposing your hair to direct heat which will weaken the bonds in your hair and make it more prone to breakage and frizziness. (Heat above 230 Degree Celsius damages the hair)
    3. Brush Differently – Try flipping your head down and brushing your hair from nape to forehead. This will create more volume on the top of the head.
    4. Massage – Weekly massages will improve the blood circulation and de-stress the hair follicles. With the rush of healthy blood flowing directly to the locks, your hair will experience a healthy change by becoming thicker and stronger.

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    Can Vitamins Make Your Hair Thicker?

    Here are some top vitamins and minerals for hair growth and thickness –

    1. Biotin – Also known as Vitamin H or Hair vitamin. Top sources include of this vitamin include; eggs, mushroom, cheese and almonds
    2. Vitamin D – Also called the Sunshine Vitamin. Top sources include; Sunlight, egg yolk, mushroom and fatty fish.
    3. Vitamin A – Very important to aid the growth of new hair. Top sources include: tomatoes, animal liver, egg yolk, pumpkin and sweet potatoes.
    4. Vitamin C – Helps build collagen inside the hair strand which gives it texture and strength. Top sources include; amla (Indian gooseberry), lemon, tomatoes, chillies.
    5. Iron – Prevents hair loss and aids hair growth. Top sources include; spinach, moringa leaves, eggs, beans and peas.
    6. Folic Acid – Facilitator of health, folic acid is an essential vitamin important for healthy hair. Top sources include; broccoli, spinach, chickpeas and lentils.
    7. Vitamin E – Helps add moisture to dry and brittle tresses. Top sources include; nuts, seeds, wheat germ oil.

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    Treatments To Get Thick And Strong Hair

    Opting for hair loss treatments to improve your hair thickness is an ideal route to achieve the results quickly and safely as compared to any other methods. There are a few ways in which you can possess thick hair without damaging them

    1. PRP – Platelet-rich plasma is becoming the most popular method to re-grow hair naturally. Getting a PRP treatment will not only fill in your bald spots, but also encourage healthy growth of hair, make your hair longer and thicken your hair strands. PRP uses an innovative technique where the patient’s own blood is extracted and reinjected by into the patient’s scalp after having the platelets enriched. The blood is centrifuged to separate the blood cells from the plasma with a USFDA approved device. This helps in stimulating the dormant or damaged hair follicles, and regrowth the hair naturally.
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    2. Minoxidil – A popular treatment to re-grow hair on bald spots, Minoxidil has been used for decades by dermatologist world over. It is a USFDA approved topical medication for treating hair thinning and hair loss effectively. Minoxidil comes in 2% and 5% potency and is used directly on the scalp. It is a clear ointment that fights hair loss, hair thinning and helps re-grow dormant hair follicles.
    3. Keratin treatment – The protein in your hair is called keratin and adding extra dose of Keratin will not relax your hair but increase the hair growth and thickness. Keratin treatment helps rebuild the lost and damaged parts of your hair and invigorate healthy protein back into thin hair.

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    Do not worry about hair thickness and hair growth, as you have all the details to transform your hair and also your looks. Thick and voluminous hair definitely add up to your self-confidence and charm.

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