How To Increase Hair Density And Hair Volume: Treatments And Tips

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How To Increase Hair Density And Hair Volume: Tips And Treatments


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Hair is the most significant aspect of our persona and shiny thick hair can enhance our beauty even further. In order to achieve the desired level of thick and voluminous hair, a little effort and care must be taken. So let us understand how to keep lustrous and voluminous hair without hurting their nourishment and health.

What Is Hair Density?

Hair density refers to the number of individual strands of hair on your head. Not to be confused with the term “thick hair”, this refers to the width of a single hair strand. Hair density is measured counting the number of hair strands present in one square inch of the scalp. On an average 2200 strands of hair are found in one square inch of scalp. Hair volume is a synonym to hair density; if you have high hair density then you have bigger hair volume.

What Is The Difference Between Hair Texture And Hair Density?

The basic difference between hair density and hair texture is simple. Hair texture is the QUALITY of each strand of hair whereas hair density is the QUANTITY of hair.
The quality of hair or the hair texture is the size/width of each hair strand and it is determined by the cortex. There are three types of hair textures; medium, fine and coarse. The thicker hair is stronger hair while fine hair is weaker. Coarse hair is the weakest.
The quantity of hair or the hair density is the number of hair strands found on your scalp. We can determine the hair density between two or more people by counting the number of hair on an inch square of scalp. Hair density can vary as high, medium and low.

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What Are The Causes That Lead To Hair Fall And Decrease Hair Volume?

1. Stress – Considered a silent enemy to hair health; stress can cause internal damage and lead to excessive hair fall. It can weaken your immune system which can cause auto-immune diseases, all of which contribute to hair fall.
2. Hereditary – Unfortunately hair fall due to hereditary reasons cannot be prevented, but it can be cured. Male Pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Baldness are two major hereditary diseases that can lead to hair fall.
3. Poor diet – Eating inappropriately can create havoc if you are trying to maintain a head full of hair. Establishing healthy diet will help increase hair volume and reduce hair fall.

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What Are Some Tips To Increase Your Hair Volume?

1. Use volume enhancing hair products – Including volume boosting products while washing and styling your hair will give it an instant result. Remember to consult with a doctor before using any such products. An expert will be able to guide you with a suitable product that has formulations which will suit your hair type appropriately.
2. Dry your hair carefully – Wet hair is more prone to damage than dry hair. It is at its most vulnerable state and tugging, combing or brushing can lead to hair breakage. Avoid styling when your hair is wet and let it dry completely before de-tangling your hair.
3. Eat healthy – Certain nutrients such as Vitamin D, iron, folic acid and zinc have shown improvement in the overall health of hair. Proper diet will help add volume and increase hair density better than any treatment.
4. Frequent scalp massage – Studies show regular scalp massage help increase blood circulation to your hair follicles thereby providing essential nutrients. Scalp massages when done gently can invigorate dormant hair follicles to grow as well. Massage 2-3 times a week to see positive results.

What Are The Treatments To Improve Hair Volume?

If you are trying to increase hair count or rather hair density, then it isn’t as hard as it seems. You don’t need to look further as we have the best solutions to increase hair density –
1. PRP – Platelet rich plasma is an excellent cosmetic treatment which is extremely popular among clients and dermatologist for its efficacy. It is a therapeutic method of re-growing the lost hair as well increasing hair volume. The process entails extracting patients own blood and re-injecting it into the patient’s scalp after processing the blood by enriching the platelets.
2. Minoxidil – A simple yet powerful treatment that helps in increasing hair density/ volume by topical application of Minoxidil. Either 2% or 5% solution is applied directly onto the scalp using a dropper. It is of utmost importance to use Minoxidil under strict supervision of a doctor. The result can take anywhere between 3-6 months to show and has been considered popular treatment to treat baldness.

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Does Shaving Head Increase Hair Density?

The simple answer is no. Shaving your scalp will not make your hair thicker, darker and accelerate hair growth. In addition, shaving doesn’t increase the diameter of your current hair follicles either or grow back lost hair. As just the superficial part of hair gets shortened, and there is not effect on hair follicles. All such factors are largely determined by genetics.
It may seem as though shaving your hair is the answer to all the problems, but that is not so. When you shave your hair, the new follicles grow with a blunt and sharp tip which occurs due to shaving. The previous tip can be the result of daily wear and tear and the hair cut you may be supporting. Also the new hair is undamaged and healthy as it has not yet been exposed to washing, drying or dyeing giving it the appearance of thicker hair.

People Say Colouring Or Relaxing My Hair Will Make It Thicker. Is It True?

Yes, colouring your hair or even relaxing your hair can make your hair feel thicker. Both the processes cause damage to the hair shaft. This damage leads to hair shaft swelling therefore the hair appears thicker and fuller. The use of colour gives an illusion of thickness. Since having natural colour may make your hair appear flatter and lifeless, adding some colour contrast to it will enhance the total appearance of your hair. It makes the hair appear more voluminous and dimensional.

Plan your new voluminous hair care regime and start implementing them today. For extra boost, visit your local dermatologist and find out what more you can do to increase hair density.

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