How to reduce pimple scars

Pimples can be a source of irritation to anyone. An irritating fact about pimples is that these leave scars after they diminish. These scars will remind you for long that you had been suffering from pimple related problem.

If you are thinking on ways as to how to reduce pimple scars, you are not alone in this endeavour. Youngsters across the spectrum are looking for some viable solution for pimple scar removal.

Below are listed few tips which will help you get freedom from scars and lead a healthy life.

Natural Remedies for Pimple Scar removal

Try Orange juice

Orange juice is an effective remedy for pimple scars. You only need to apply some orange juice with a cotton swab on a regular basis. For effective results, you should leave this juice overnight on pimple scars. Alternatively, you can try using dried orange peel for pimple scar removal . Grind the peels in a mixer and apply the paste after adding some water.

Try Using Baking Soda

Baking soda when mixed with lemon juice is an effective cure for pimple scars. You should clean the skin before you apply this paste. This solution needs to be applied only for 5 minutes.

Try Using Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can also be effectively used for pimple scar removal. You can use gel from freshly cut Aloe vera leaves as this is a great healer. Using Aloe vera regularly will not only help you get rid of pimple scars but will bring a natural glow on your face.

Medical Products for Pimple Scar removal

Try Using Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an effective cure for pimple scars. You can procure the same from medical store easily. Rub the same on the affected region with a cotton swab and visible improvement will follow in few days. The therapy when repeated regularly will result in permanent removal of pimple scars.

Try Using Oil Skin Cleanser

Besides helping remove pimple scar marks, the Cetaphil Oil Skin Cleanser removes excess oil and dirt from your skin. Use of this oil on regular basis ensures that the skin remains hydrated long enough thus helping you erase pimple scar marks effectively.


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