Skin Whitening Injection Vs Treatments: Which Is Better?

Skin Whitening Injection Vs Treatment

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    A bright, fair, and glowing skin will never go out of fashion, but it is a little difficult to manage a healthy skin regime in the hassle of today’s lifestyle. There are so many skin brightening treatments available in the market that can be taken advantage of. All you have to do is choose the best option under the guidance of a dermatologist and let the fairness miracle happen.

    What Is A Skin Whitening Injection?

    Skin whitening injections use glutathione, a skin lightening agent. There are glutathione pills sold in the market as well. This element acts on the melanin and turns eumelanin into pheomelanin, which is a pigment that is commonly found in fair-skinned people. It also stops the production of an enzyme called tyrosinase, which is involved in making melanin in the body. In short, GSH injection helps in protecting the skin from UV radiation and reducing the amount of melanin present in the body.

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    Skin Whitening Injection Benefits

    Whitening injection, if taken in the right quantity, can do wonders to your skin –

    • Fight free radicals
    • Defy signs of aging
    • Protect against UV rays
    • Detoxify the body
    • Reduce melanin pigments
    • Convert dark melanin pigments into lighter pigments
    • Promote fairer and brighter skin

    Side Effects Of A Skin Whitening Injections

    When in a dilemma, whether or not to go for skin whitening injections, understand that although these injections are fairly easy to procure, they are not entirely dependable.  Since they are known to cause adverse effects on the body, it is all the more important to undergo a thorough analysis before you decide to take them. Some of these side effects are –

    • Anaphylaxis or allergic reactions (difficulty in breathing and chest tightness)
    • Severe abdomen pain
    • Thyroid dysfunction
    • Kidney failure
    • Systemic infection (by a bacteria or virus over a large portion of the body)
    • Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome (skin cell death)

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    Skin Whitening Injections Vs Chemical Peeling

    Glutathione injections will show immediate results when compared to chemical peeling, which might require more than one session to show a remarkable difference. But, the adverse effects of these injections make chemical peels are safer option to pick. A typical dosage of the injections lies anywhere between Rs 13,000 to Rs 18,000, whereas chemical peel sessions are a lot cheaper with the price starting around Rs 1,800 to Rs 5,500.

    Skin Whitening Injections Vs Laser Toning

    Using low-dose of Q-Switched Nd:YAG to fragment melanosomes into the cytoplasm, and hence reducing pigmentation is the process of Laser Toning. It also promotes collagen production. The aim of both Laser Toning and skin whitening injection is to give you a healthier skin tone. A session for Laser Toning can cost you anywhere between Rs 4,000 – Rs 30,000, which can work out cheaper than the glutathione injections. Laser toning is mainly used for pigmentation and can help you in targeting pigmented areas better with absolutely no side effects and no downtime as well. Its advantages definitely outweigh the side effects of glutathione injections.

    Which Is Better?

    Instead of queuing in front of the beauty parlor for a glutathione injection, visit a skin clinic and find a permanent and safe solution to lighter, flawless skin. Each skin type is different, and hence any treatment can only be recommended after a thorough analysis. Although, a mixture of treatments can be used for targeting different problem areas.

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