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    PRP Hair Treatment In Bangalore: Cost, Procedure and Results

    Hair loss is one of the most common concerns around the globe. While some people have a family history of balding, others may experience hair loss due to hormonal fluctuations, recent illnesses, medicinal side effects, poor lifestyle habits, stress, and more! Whatever the reason may be, there is no denying the fact that hair loss can change your appearance drastically! Seeking early medical help as soon as you notice acute hair shedding is key to reversing premature balding successfully.

    Leading dermato-trichologists at Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic, Bangalore, specialise in offering customised hair loss treatments with a holistic approach to assure you achieve the best natural hair regrowth results. Powered by state-of-the-art USFDA-approved centrifuge technology, Oliva offers result-oriented hair fall treatments that are safe and 100% non-surgical. Keep reading to know more about the procedure, expected results, cost and location details.

    Hair Loss Treatment Procedure Explained By Dermatologist

    Before opting for the hair fall treatment in Bangalore, you might want to check this video by our experienced dermato-trichologist explaining our non-surgical PRP hair treatment procedure and how it can help you enjoy natural regrowth.

    Hair loss treatment Before - Anvesh @olivaclinicHair loss treatment After - Anvesh @olivaclinic

    *Images are from real clients, and results can be subjective

    Before & After Results Of Hair Loss Treatment

    You can see a significant reduction in hair shedding after just a few sessions of PRP hair regrowth treatment. As the sessions proceed, you will notice that your hair density and volume improve, and you will enjoy hair growth by the end of the treatment. For more details, you can check out the detailed client reviews here. You can check the authentic before and after images of clients who have undergone hair regrowth therapy at Oliva.

    Hair loss treatment Before - Anvesh @olivaclinicHair loss treatment After - Anvesh @olivaclinic

    Treatment results may vary from person to person

    • Hair loss treatment After - Anvesh @olivaclinic
    • Before and after results of hair treatment
    • Before and after results of hair treatment


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