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cycling for weight loss

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    Cycling is an effective cardio workout to burn calories. It also helps build muscle strength and reduce stress levels. It is also an excellent low-impact aerobic exercise that pumps up the heart rate and tones your legs without causing any damage to your knees, ankles or other joints. So cycling regularly offers multiple health benefits. However, is cycling for weight loss a good option? Let us find out right here!

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    Does Cycling Help To Lose Weight And Burn Fat?

    Cycling helps burn fat fast and knock off some extra pounds from your body. It is a fantastic cardio workout that can help you maintain a healthy weight. It is a suitable sports activity for everyone, irrespective of their age or fitness levels. It also improves blood flow in the body, builds muscle strength, and improves the functioning of the lungs and heart.
    Even while pedalling at a moderate speed and intensity, you can burn a considerable amount of calories. As a rule of thumb, the faster you pedal, the more calories you burn. Your body will need more energy to pedal quicker, and hence, you will be able to lose more weight.
    Why is cycling more effective for weight loss than other workout regimens? Let us read.

    How Does Cycling Help In Weight Loss & Burning Extra Fat?

    Check out the many benefits of cycling for weight loss and fat burn:

    • Cycling increases the heart rate and helps achieve your weight loss goals faster by reducing fat and burning more calories. You may also seek professional help from fitness experts to set realistic and sustainable weight loss goals based on your current weight, health status and activity levels.
    • While cycling, your body uses the legs’ major muscle groups, such as the calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Hence, it improves the overall strength and endurance of your body.
    • It is a low-cost and pollution-free way of burning calories.
    • Cycling is an easy-to-learn exercise, and you do not require any advanced training or expensive equipment.
    • Cycling is a low-impact sports activity that does not cause any wear and tear of your muscles and bones. Thus, cycling is a safe workout for people of all ages.

    Now let us read about the number of calories we can burn by cycling.

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    How Many Calories Does Cycling Burn?

    Depending on the intensity of cycling and your body weight, you can quickly burn around 145-295 calories in half an hour.

    However, it is advisable to take guidance from a qualified fitness trainer before deciding the speed and duration of your cycling session per day.

    How Much Cycling Should You Do Daily For Weight Loss And Fat Burn?

    Experts suggest that cycling faster burns extra calories as the body uses energy continuously to keep pedalling. Increasing the speed can help you shed those extra kilos and achieve fat loss.

    If you are cycling at a moderate pace (ten miles per hour or lower) for 30 minutes, your body can burn about 145 calories. You can gradually increase the intensity to burn more calories.

    If you are already an expert cyclist, you may cycle faster (more than ten miles per hour ) to burn up to 295 calories in just half an hour.

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    However, people with health issues must take guidance from a qualified fitness trainer and confirm if cycling is a safe workout option for them or not.

    Now you know all about cycling for weight loss. If you liked this article, help us spread the word.

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