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How to Drink Water To Lose Weight?


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    Drinking water is an excellent booster for weight loss, mainly by improving digestion and speeding up metabolism, besides other health benefits. This article gives you all the tips and tricks on effectively drinking water to lose weight.

    Does Drinking Water Really Help To Lose Weight?

    Yes, drinking water helps lose weight. There is enough evidence suggesting that drinking water helps improve metabolism, increases satiety, enhances fat loss, and promotes weight management.

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    How Drinking Water Helps You To Lose Weight?


    We burn calories even at rest, known as resting energy expenditure. Drinking water increases this resting energy expenditure as our body heats water for digestion, which in turn utilizes energy or calories. This means that drinking just 0.5 liters more water every day will help burn about 23 more calories.

    The following are some ways in which water promotes weight loss:

    • Works As A Natural Appetite Suppressant:

      Water helps to regulate hunger. You can effectively reduce your appetite (avoid overeating, stress eating, etc.) and thus manage your weight by drinking water before every meal. According to a study, drinking water before the first meal of the day helped reduce overall calorie consumption by 13%.

    • Helps In Burning Fat:

      Hot water aids in the process of lipolysis. Hot water metabolizes fats in the body, which could lead to weight loss over a period.

    • Promotes Effective Workouts:

      Drink water after exercise to lose weight and hydrate yourself. This helps prevent workout injuries while enhancing fat loss.

    • Lowers The Risk Of Weight Gain:

      Drinking water can also prevent weight gain in the long run. Replacing sugary beverages with a glass of water is likely to reduce weight gain by 0.5 kg within four years.

    • Speeds Up Metabolism:

      According to a study, drinking water improves metabolism and leads to great weight loss results over time.

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    Is Hot Water Helpful In Losing Weight?

    Yes, hot water activates the digestive system, relieves constipation by influencing intestinal movements, promotes a healthy circulatory system clearing out toxins, breaks down fat molecules for easy elimination, curbs appetite preventing you from overeating, and reduces bloating.

    Is Drinking Lemon Water Good To Lose Weight?

    Yes, drinking lemon juice with water is a popular weight loss tip recommended by many diets. Lemon water is naturally low in calories. It keeps the body adequately hydrated while increasing the breakdown of fat for fat loss. Replace high-calorie beverages with lemon water, which increases satiety and thereby helps in weight management.

    Which Detox Water Helps in Losing Weight?


    Detox water improves metabolism, hence aiding weight loss and weight management. It also helps speed up the digestion process. Here are a few detox water recipes you can choose from as per your taste:

    • Vinegar Detox Water:

      This is a blend of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice in water. It promotes gastrointestinal health, prevents bloating, and promotes weight loss.

    • Lemon Detox Water:

      As mentioned earlier, this mix of fresh lemon juice in water helps eliminate fats in the body. You can add cayenne pepper, which boosts metabolism for faster digestion.

    • Fruits-Infused Detox Water:

      This is the best way to stay hydrated while getting the healthy benefits of fruits without added sugar. You can use berries, orange, pineapple, kiwi, or any fruit. The fiber in the fruits also helps curb appetite.

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    How Much Water Should You Drink Every Day To Lose Weight Fast?

    As a general rule of thumb, experts recommend having at least 2 liters or eight glasses of water every day to help with weight loss. While the water requirement of each individual varies depending on their activity level, age, climate, and health conditions, The National Academies of Sciences recommend 3.7 liters of water for men and 2.7 liters for women.

    When Is the Best Time To Drink Water For Weight Loss?

    Drinking water strategically helps you lose weight faster. Here are the best times to drink water to lose weight. Read on.

    • Have water when you wake up to rehydrate your body after sleep, activate your organs, ease your bowels, and flush out toxins.
    • Drinking water before and during meals stops you from overeating. You might consume fewer calories and hence prevent unwanted weight gain.
    • A glass of cold water will burn more calories at night, as the body will require more energy to heat it while promoting good sleep.
    • Drinking enough water before a workout improves performance while hydrating your body post-workout.
    • Our brain often tricks us into eating when in reality our body could be dehydrated. Replace your evening caffeinated drinks with water to give your body a boost of energy.
    • Drink water after eating fiber-rich foods to promote better digestion and to rev up your metabolism.
      Expert Tips To Drink Water Properly To Lose Weight

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    Now that you understood the benefits of timing your water consumption, here are some additional expert tips that will further aid your weight loss through water:

    • Replace high-calorie beverages like cold drinks and alcoholic drinks with plain or detox water to aid weight loss.
    • If you are overweight or obese, you can benefit from drinking water as it speeds up your metabolism and promotes lipolysis for fat loss.
    • Sipping on water regularly throughout the day can stop you from binge eating.
    • If you are limiting your food intake by dividing your food into portion sizes, then drinking water throughout the day will help you achieve this.
    • Try water fasting or detox water diet intermittently as it promotes weight loss.
    • Instead of reaching out for food or snacks, try drinking water first. It might be your brain mistaking thirst for hunger due to mild dehydration.
    • Include water-rich foods such as watermelon and spinach in your diet to increase your overall fluid intake, which promotes calories as well as fat burn.

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    As you now have a good understanding of the best ways to drink water for weight loss, adopt these best practices of drinking water into your lifestyle so that you can reap its benefits for life. There is nothing better than this calorie-free beverage.

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    UPTO 50% Off on All Services

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