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How to Improve Hair Regrowth With This Amazing Treatment

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    It might surprise you, but millions of people in the world suffer from hair loss. According to the recent statistics, 40% of men below the age of 35 undergo an evident loss of hair. The figure goes up with age as around 65% of men end up losing their hair as they turn 60. When it comes to women, more than 50% of them experience hair loss.

    If you are already facing this hair problem, then you must be aware of its consequences as well. It leads to low self-esteem and the inability to appreciate one’s appearance. From social teasing to lack of confidence, hair loss can cause some serious damage to your social and emotional well-being. The problem is so drastic that over 60% of people worldwide would give up their money and friends to regain hair.

    What Causes Hair Loss?

    There could be numerous reasons for experiencing hair loss. It can depend on your diet, genetics, location, and several other factors. Mostly, a person suffers from hair loss due to the following reasons –

    • Stress: Physical stress can disrupt our hair growth cycle. Our body reacts to these scenarios by pushing more hair to fall.
    • Lack Of Protein: If your body is running low on protein, then it can shut the growth of new hair.
    • Heredity: If hair loss runs in your family, then chances are you might also experience it at a certain age.
    • Anemia: The lack of iron is our body is another factor for hair loss, which can easily be fixed.
    • Hypothyroidism: Having an under active thyroid gland results in the lack of hormones that causes hair loss.

    Other reasons for hair loss are:

    • Drastic weight loss
    • Vitamin B deficiency
    • Pregnancy
    • Pollution
    • Dandruff
    • Smoking
    • Harsh weather conditions
    • Sleep deprivation

    If you are able to relate to any of these situations, then you should be alarmed. It is a common misconception that hair fall prevention shampoos, serums, OTC medicines, or home remedies can work for severe hair loss. They do not address the root cause of the problem and are often not based on any strong medical research for their effectiveness. If they do provide any relief from hair loss, then this effect is temporary and does not last for more. It is important to truly understand the root cause of our hair loss, which further complicates the issue instead of hitting the bull’s eye. A smooth quick-fix for this is to consult a dermatologist who will be able to identify the cause and plan an individualized course of treatment for you.

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    The Science Of Hair Loss And Balding

    It is quite evident that severe hair loss can lead to baldness. Yes, we all are supposed to shed some hair every day. Though, when the subsequent cycle has thinner and lesser volume of hair, it can lead to baldness in the long run. This is what happens in male or female pattern baldness –

    • Severe hair loss disrupts our hair growth cycle as the hair follicles turn smaller in size.
    • These shrunk follicles result in thinner hair with every cycle.
    • The time of hair growth is also affected, and one can see a visible change in the hairline.
    • This leads to smaller follicles and thinner hair that can’t grow beyond the surface of the skin.

    Act Today Before It’s Late

    While you can’t go back in time, you can take a thoughtful step today and regain your lost hair. When it comes to hair fall, every single day matters. If you wish to regain your lost hairline, then you need to act right away. Even certain severe forms of hair loss can be cured with the right course of treatment. This will let you take control of your life once again and restore your lost confidence. Though, you need to take the needed step today to have a healthier tomorrow.

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    PRP Hair Loss Treatment

    PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is an advanced hair loss treatment that is known to produce positive results in less time. The treatment is based on using blood platelets that result improve the growth of hair. This is achieved by stimulating the stem cells of the follicles as the platelets are rich in growth factors.

    Therefore, PRP simulates the active growth phase of the hair by the action of special platelet cells. This accelerates the rate of hair growth, regenerates the healthy cells, results in newer cellular growth, and improves the overall recovery of the lost hairline.

    Benefits Of PRP Treatment

    PRP is a non-surgical and highly effective treatment for hair restoration. It regulates the immune system in our body, resulting in an organic and natural growth of hair that is long lasting. The damaged cells are replaced with improved blood circulation, which also prevents the thinning of hair. The treatment has a quick recovery period and a safe approach to getting natural looking hair.

    How It’s Done?

    A dermatologist would firstly analyze your medical history, your scalp, and even your diet to determine the cause of your hair loss. If PRP is an apt solution for you, he/she would then extract your blood and identify the rich platelets after a centrifugal process. This concentrated, rich plasma comprises of the essential proteins for hair growth. The plasma is injected into areas of the scalp that are severely affected by hair loss. This is done via specially designed microneedles. It boosts the rate of hair growth with thicker and healthier follicles.

    Are You A Right Candidate?

    Anyone who is suffering from hair loss can get a PRP treatment, irrespective of their age, gender or hair fall history. Since the procedure is non-surgical, you won’t go through any unwanted recovery phase. It doesn’t cause any side effects or unwarranted reactions as well.

    Before & After Results You Can Expect

    You can see an evident change in your hairline after the treatment. There won’t be any presence of surgical scars or the fear of your body rejecting the treatment. An even and natural hair growth of thick follicles will let you regain your lost hair and confidence.


    What’s The Average Cost of PRP?

    The average cost of PRP depends on the number of sessions and the desired results. Usually, the sessions are spaced out through 30-45 days over the course of treatment. The total cost can start from as less as Rs.20,000.

    How To Get Started?

    To start with, simply book an appointment at Oliva Skin and Hair Clinic. At Oliva Skin Clinic, you can get up to 50% discount on PRP treatment right now. Go ahead and visit a nearby branch of Oliva Clinic and get help from our certified professionals on a budget.

    UPTO 50% Off on All Services
    UPTO 50% Off on All Services

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