What’s The Relation Between Collagen And Hair Loss?

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    Collagen is a protein that promotes hair growth. Collagen as become an integral part of all beauty and hair care as it is one of the most enriching nutrient for hair growth. As collagen acts as an adhesive for it gives elasticity and strength to skin and hair.

    What Is Collagen?

    Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that is found in abundance in our body. It makes up a huge part of our skin, nails and hair. It is the building block of the hair and it surrounds each and every strand of it. The substance that gives our hair its structure and quality, comes from collagen. Collagen is the polypeptide that is made from several amino acids and it is found in the connective tissue, skin, bones and cartilage.

    Does Collagen Help With Hair Loss?

    Hair loss is a very common problem we face on a daily basis, but there can be many reasons behind it. One significant cause for hair loss is the lack of collagen produced by the body. When there is a decline in collagen, the hair begins to lose its suppleness and thickness, including the health of the scalp.
    Collagen comes to your rescue by providing the necessary nutrients, strength and moisture required to sustain healthy hair. Since the collagen peptides are easier to digest, results from taking collagen supplements show up quicker as compared to other hair loss pills. Collagen also improves blood circulation thereby sending sufficient nutrients to the hair follicles and reducing hair loss.

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    Collagen Vs. Gelatin: What’s The Difference?

    Collagen – It is a protein found in our body that is made from amino acids. Our body creates its own collagen but it can be aided externally by using collagen supplements. Collagen supplements are called hydrolysed collagen. It is different from what the body naturally produces. Hydrolysed collagen is closer to gelatine where in the process requires the additional input of water to create hydrolysed collagen. Since the hydrolysed collagen is broken down version of collagen, it becomes easier for the body to digest and absorb its nutrients.
    Gelatine – A derivative of collagen, gelatine is also an amino acid that is highly beneficial for the human body. When collagen is heated at a high temperature, it converts to gelatine. The main difference between hydrolysed collagen and gelatine is the process that creates them. Hydrolysed collagen is completely hydrolysed, whereas gelatine is partially hydrolysed. This creates a gel like substance that is not completely absorbed as collagen.

    Collagen Benefits For Hair

    Collagen has multiple benefits for hair. It provides long term goodness, without the constant hassle of regular maintenance. Collagen might just be your new hair-saver. So let’s look at what does collagen do for hair?
    1. Collagen for hair loss – As mentioned above, collagen can strengthen the internal structure of hair providing with proper supply of nutrients and blood. This enables the hair to remain healthy, strong and supple
    2. Collagen for hair growth – Collagen will not only boost hair growth, but also increase the fullness and thickness of your hair. Collagen supplement is an excellent method to increase hair growth without affecting the nourishment of your hair. Always use such supplements under the supervision of a doctor
    3. Collagen can help greying hair – Collagen provides a constant dose of essential amino acids to the hair follicle leading to a stronger structure. The follicular structure is responsible for providing your hair with its colour and if the collagen levels are high, this will automatically reduce greying.
    4. Collagen can reduce splits ends and help with hair breakage – As we age, the collagen production declines in the body. This leads to loss in elasticity which results in hair breakage and split ends. Along with providing strength, collagen also improves moisture content of the hair. Hair dryness can lead to frizziness, breakage and splits ends. Collagen will add the necessary moisture and relive the hair from such problems.

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    Side Effects Of Collagen Hair Treatment

    It is always important to remember that too much of something is bad for you. Overdose of collagen can have its side effects. So the question is – Can too much collagen cause hair loss?
    The answer is no. If the person consumes the doctor prescribed amount of collagen, then there is no danger. Collagen can also be used externally, in which case the collagen can cause side-effect if the person is allergic to it. But again that is a rare occurrence and not many people are allergic to collagen hair treatments. It happens to those who have very sensitive scalp or those who are allergic to other ingredients added to the hair treatment. Always ask the doctor before using such products and remember to perform a patch test.

    Collagen is truly a fantastic solution to all your hair problems. Before you start buying every product with collagen in it, remember to consult your doctor and use collagen under his/her supervision.

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