How To Remove Flat Moles On Face?

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How to remove flat moles from face

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    To have a clear and flawless skin is challenging but not impossible. Most of us often have to deal with various spots and marks on our face; whether we want to or not. These marks may not be a serious threat to our skin or health, but they definitely affect a person’s appearance and personality. One such mark on our skin are flat moles on face. Whether you have just one flat black mole or many, we are sure you would want to find out how to remove these unsightly flat moles from face.

    What Are Flat Moles?

    We are all aware of what moles are but not many are aware that there are different types of moles; flat mole being one of them. Flat moles are generally small in size and are mostly brown or black in color. Though they are known to be harmless, but there are also chances of these flat moles resulting in skin cancer, which is why it is important to be aware of various methods which can be used to remove flat moles.

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    What Causes Flat Moles?

    Some of the common causes of flat moles are listed below –

    • Sunlight – The UV rays of the sun are one of the major causes for the development of flat moles on face. Over-exposure to the UV rays result in the development of these moles. Melanoma, a type of skin cancer can develop as a result of these flat moles.
    • Hormones – Flat moles can appear as a result of hormonal changes in your body. These hormonal imbalances may occur at different time for different individuals. For example, some people experience hormonal changes when they hit puberty, are pregnant or due to diseases such as diabetes.
    • Genetics – A majority of the changes and developments in our body are a direct result of our genes. These flat moles can also develop as a result of your genes. Your ethnicity also can be a cause for the development of these flat moles. For example, people having fair skin are more prone to developing these flat moles on face.

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    Symptoms Of Flat Moles

    Below are some of the common symptoms of a flat mole which can help you in identifying them –

    • Color – Flat moles are usually brown or semi-black in color. In some cases, they may also appear in red or pink color.
    • Texture – They can either have a smooth surface or wrinkled.
    • Shape – Majority of these flat moles on face are either round or oval in shape.
    • Size – On an average, these flat moles have a diameter of 6 millimeters.

    Can Flat Moles Be Removed?

    If you are wondering whether flat moles can be removed or not, then rest assured, because you can definitely have these flat moles removed from face.

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    How To Remove Flat Moles From Face?

    There are a couple of ways to get rid of flat moles on face. You need to choose the right method according to the size and type of your flat mole. Below are some of the methods which can be used to remove flat moles on face; however, remember to first consult a dermatologist and take their opinion before opting for any of these methods –

    1. Laser Treatment – Laser flat mole removal is one of the most popular methods of removing flat mole from face. Over the years, this method has gained immense popularity. This is a surgical method which provides quick results –
    • In this method, a local anesthesia is applied on the area which is to be treated. Then laser is targeted, which is essentially a powerful beam of light used to remove the mole. The laser helps in getting rid of the skin’s topmost layer which contains the flat mole as well. Depending upon the size, you might have to attend a couple of sessions to get rid of it completely.
    • The post-care usually involves avoiding exposure to the sun for at least 6 weeks, using sunscreen, avoiding any infection on the treated area, etc.
    • The flat mole removal cost for a laser treatment is Rs. 400-Rs. 500 on an average for each mole.

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    2. Radiofrequency – This procedure makes use of high frequency alternating current to get rid of the flat moles from face. This is also a surgical process –

    • The procedure begins by administering local anesthesia on the treatment area after which a device known as Ellman Radiosurgery electrode loop is used to slowly shave off the flat mole. You might observe the formation of a scab which will eventually fall off after a week or two. Make sure that you do not pick at it.
    • Once the procedure is complete, the post-care instructions include avoiding exposure to UV rays of the sun, avoiding the application of heavy cosmetics, covering the treated area with an adhesive bandage, application of post-care cream as prescribed by the doctor, etc.

    3. Flat Mole Removal Creams – There are few flat mole removal creams available in the market which can aid your purpose. You can either use a peeling cream to gradually remove the flat mole or you can also opt for a whitening cream which will help in lightening the flat mole, thereby, reducing its visibility. However, do speak to your dermatologist to ensure that your skin is not allergic to any of the ingredients used in these creams.

    4. Excision – In this procedure, a cutter which is a sharp medical tool is used by the doctor to shave off the mole. This is done after applying local anesthesia on the area being treated. Another method is excision with cauterization, it is a procedure in which the doctor will use an electronic medical tool which helps in burning off the mole rather than shaving it. In such methods, it is very important to follow all the post-care instructions provided by your dermatologist. 

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    Does Flat Mole Removal Leave A Scar?

    Yes, there are chances that you might have a scar after your flat mole removal, through methods such as laser or radiofrequency. However, this can be avoided in majority of the cases as long as you follow the post-care instructions diligently. 

    Whether you want to get rid of flat moles from face for medical reasons or for aesthetic purposes, always make sure that you first consult a good dermatologist, understand all the pros and cons of the various flat mole removal techniques and then opt for the best treatment method. And remember that getting the right treatment is not the only key for a successful flat mole removal procedure. The post-care procedure is also as important as the treatment.

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