How To Find A Good Dermatologist Near You?

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    The human body has a defense mechanism to protect itself from foreign particles that can cause diseases. Externally, the skin is the largest body organ and the first line of defense whereas internally, the immune system takes the lead to protect us. If our skin gets infected or damaged, it often reflects on our overall health.

    This is why we need to visit specialized doctors to care for this critically important organ – the skin. Dermatology is an area of medicine which is concerned with the health of the skin, hair, nails and mucous membrane. Read below to know who is a dermatologist and how to find a dermatologist.

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    Tips To Choose A Good Dermatologist 

    Finding a local dermatologist, with the right skills and experience relevant to your needs, can be an extremely intimidating task for a number of reasons including the scepticism on our part to be unwilling to fully trust. This lack of trust comes from the power a dermatologist has on us, to drastically improve our condition as well as the power to scar us in many ways due to negligence as well as plain incompetence.

    Additionally, in case of complications, a good dermatologist will always take the right call, which will be in your best interest. Well, these tips will come in handy and help you find the best cosmetic dermatologist nearby –

    • Before you go and find the dermatologist near you, figure out the type of dermatologist suitable for the specific concern. For instance, if you are looking to seek help for ageing issues, then look for a cosmetic dermatologist. For minor skin conditions, you can refer to a general medical dermatologist.
    • In order to find a good dermatologist, you must know the credentials of the person. It is important to check the profile and other details mentioned on their website or in person from the relevant clinic. Also, make sure that they are registered with the Medical Council of India.
    • Once you decide on the dermatologist, it is time to go for a consultation to get better acquainted with the doctor. You can ask relevant questions and ask about their experience. Also, if you observe a long queue, take it as a positive sign that the doctor is good at his job and is in demand.
    • You can also ask for referrals from friends or colleagues who have visited the dermatologist before. Their personal experience will give you enough information about the nature of treatment and subsequent results post-treatment.
    • It is important to ask the right questions about your concern, from the dermatologist without hesitation. If he/she is willing to provide information, then you can further ask about the credentials of the technician getting involved in the treatment procedures.
    • Analyze if the dermatologist is genuinely interested in helping you or he just wants to rush you into buying a product.
    • If the dermatologist is attentive and adept at his profession, he will help you in understanding your concern and give you a clear explanation of the treatment plan or any information that you might need.

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    Locating A Dermatologist Near You

    • Get A Referral From Your General Doctor: This is a good starting point to kick things off and start your research. Get a list of referrals from your general doctor by specifying your concerns and also if you are looking for a general or a cosmetic dermatologist. Your general doctor is most likely to be aware of good dermatologists in your area.
    • Talk To Friends Who Like Their Dermatologist: Talking to friends who are impressed with their dermatologist by asking specific questions can be of great help. Ask them about the doctor’s work ethics and the duration for which they have been consulting the same doctor. In addition, closely observing your friend’s skin and the improvements it has experienced over time can be a deal sealer and representative of the dermatologist’s abilities.
    • Do They Advertise? Doctors, who do unwavering good work, tend to have clients who stick to them through years and get enough referrals from them and other doctors. They do not need to advertise their services and if they do, you have every reason to be wary.

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    Confirming The Dermatologist’s Credentials

    Once you have shortlisted one or a few dermatologists, you can use these tips to further confirm the dermatologist’s credentials –

    • Double-check The Credentials: It is important for any certified dermatologist to get registration under the Medical Council of India. Also, make sure that he possesses adequate skills and expertise to handle any dermatology case.
    • Look On The Doctor’s Website For The Biography: You can refer to the clinic’s website for dermatologist’s biography and decide if its area of specialization suits your needs.
    • Review The Patient Surveys: The dermatologist reviews will give you a sense of understanding about the doctor and trust among patients regarding his medical practice.
    • Research About The Clinic Quality: It is important to research about procedures followed in the clinic and the type of technology used. If a clinic uses the latest technology and advanced measures, then you can be assured.
    • Consider The Gender: It is important to be comfortable with the doctor while sharing intimate details about a specific concern so gender must be taken into account as men and women are often dealt with slightly different protocols. Also, women usually feel comfortable in the presence of a lady dermatologist.
    • Consider The Experience:  Experience matters a lot in the field of dermatology. A doctor with a considerable amount of experience will be expert in his field.
    • Evaluate The Communication Style: Analyze if the dermatologist is an attentive listener or he is rushing you through your appointment. A good dermatologist is a good listener.
    • Evaluate The Safety Measures: A well-equipped clinic with state-of-the-art technology experience fewer complications. So always check if they follow adequate safety measures and if the equipment is FDA-approved.

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    Confirming The Dermatologist’s Attitude And Demeanor

    Finding a suitable dermatologist is like winning half the battle. It is important to confirm the dermatologist’s attitude and demeanor before deciding finally. Here are some useful tips to help you choose the best dermatologist near you for your concern –

    • Once you have shortlisted a few dermatologists near you, it is time to visit them and further implore. You can start with a consultation session and if things work out, then you can take it forward.
    • Let the dermatologist do all the talking during the consultation phase. Observe them closely in how they address your issues. Are they listening to your concerns or just looking at the clock? Are they patient with you? If the answer is yes, then consider it as a good sign. On the other hand, the doctors who are assertive with the specific treatment can sound alarming and end up scaring the prospective client.
    • Ask the right questions to your dermatologist. You can inquire about the procedure you are interested in or get an insight about their safety measures and so on. If the doctor responds well to the questions and is able to develop a trust bond with you, then it is a good sign.
    • Research about the procedures already performed by the dermatologist and discuss their results. You can also ask for ‘before and after’ pictures to get a glimpse into the results. But do not get influenced by that solely. The pictures might be digitally enhanced so take into consideration other factors also. A great dermatologist will not lie about the results and always make it clear that results differ in every individual.
    • Ask questions about the other staff and the technicians performing a certain treatment. You can ask details about their credentials. A good dermatologist should be able to offer you sufficient assurance in this matter and valid proofs to support the claims.
    • You must confirm about the adequacy of the equipment and safety measures employed while performing the procedures to avoid any complication later on. A good dermatologist should be able to confirm that all of the equipment is well approved, latest and in excellent condition to carry on the procedures. This knowledge comes handy especially if you are looking to go for laser treatment or other complex surgical procedures such as hair transplantation.

    What Does A Dermatologist Do At An Appointment?

    A dermatologist in the first appointment would record all details including the deformity, medical history and related information. Then they would examine the skin condition, they may also use tools and focussed light for diagnosis. Sometimes laboratory tests may also be prescribed for detailed evaluation of underlying health condition. Then they would determine a suitable course of medical and aesthetic treatment.

    It is important to remember that patience is the key to finding a good dermatologist near you. You must not hurry or buy anything during the consultation unless you are completely sure about the dermatologist. Take time to absorb the information before arriving at the final decision.

    Choosing a dermatologist can be daunting but the useful tips mentioned above will definitely guide you in choosing the best from the rest.

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