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Go To Guide To Save Your Skin & Hair During This Holi Celebration

skin and hair care during holi

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    Finally, Holi is here! It’s time to stock up on yummy snacks, colors, water balloons, and of course, a lot of fun. From organic colors to ‘pakka’ colors, the markets are covered in a rainbow hue with little hints of glitter here and there.  As we gear up for the festival and amidst all the excitement of celebrating the festival of colors with our family and friends, we often miss out on two most important aspects – pre- and post-Holi skin and hair care routine.

    Most of us tend to skip out on the pre-care routine and realize it only when we struggle to take off all riots of colors from our skin and hair. So this Holi, how about we take a pledge to ensure that we strictly follow the below tips so that we can have a worry-free Holi! The below pre- and post-Holi tips will not only ensure that there is minimum harm to your skin and hair but will also make it really easy for you to get rid of the colors once you are done playing Holi.

    Pre-Holi Tips For Skin And Hair

    • Start off your pre-Holi routine by applying a good layer of olive oil, coconut oil or vitamin E oil all over your skin. This will ensure that the Holi colors do not penetrate your skin easily. Similarly, you need to apply coconut oil to your hair as well.
    • Though it is always advised to play with natural and organic colors, most of the time it is not possible. If, in case, you are playing with ‘pakka’ colors, make sure that you avoid using it on your face.
    • Take some time out and snip away all those split ends. This is because the colors can make your hair drier which will cause even more split ends.
    • Another way to keep your hair safe is to cover it up with a bandana while playing Holi. But this should be done only after applying the oil.
    • Yes, you love to flaunt your hair; however, a bun or a braided ponytail is your best friend during Holi as this will ensure that the color is not absorbed quickly onto your scalp.
    • For sensitive areas such as nails, elbows, feet, behind the ears, etc., use petroleum jelly.
    • We have seen our favorite stars in various movies grooving to the dhol wearing a sexy pair of shorts and tank top! Don’t get swayed away by those images and rather try to wear clothing which covers most of your body.

    Post-Holi Tips For Skin And Hair

    • The first thing that you need to do after playing Holi is to shampoo and condition your hair. If you notice that your hair has become too dry, then opt for a hot towel treatment using some warm oil.
    • Do not under any circumstance book waxing, bleaching or facial sessions after Holi.
    • Use natural ingredients such as olive oil, lemon juice, curd, etc., to remove the stubborn colors.
    • Use home remedies as much as possible to moisturize your skin and bring back your glow.

    Now that you have these tips handy, go on, fill up those water balloons, choose your favorite colors, and step right into the spirit of safe Holi!

    UPTO 50% Off on All Services
    UPTO 50% Off on All Services

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